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Could somebody please explain the difference between a Wiccan and a pagan witch?

Not interested in any judgmental nonsense from other groups, you know who you are.


  1. wiccan , as i understand it, means a follower of the wiccan religion or ways
    pagan witch is a non wiccan, folows no wiccan religions, but maybe follows soem of the ‘rules’ when they do spells
    the saying goes
    all wiccans are pagan
    but not all pagans are wiccans

  2. Wicca is a religion. Witchcraft is a practice that, while it can be incorporated into a religion, is not in and of itself religious.
    A Pagan Witch would be a witch who follows a non-Wiccan Pagan faith.
    There are also people who identify their religion as Witchcraft, however it would be more accurate to say that they have an individual spirituality that incorporates their practice of Witchcraft at the base level. Though more convoluted, such an answer helps prevent the mistaken notion that there is a religion of Witchcraft.

  3. Wicca is a recreated, evolving and spiritually based belief system.
    A witch is someone who cast spells. There is no such thing as a white witch because all spell for what ever purpose = force = slavery = nasty.
    A hedge witch is someone who takes herbs and knowledge of the natural environment and uses it to heal the sick. A witch doctor, and is what I practice.
    Practicing Shaman… quantum physics rocks.

  4. A Pagan Witch can follow any tradition, Wiccans can be nice, but generally speaking, they’re annoying and judgemental. They are part of the cult of “this or that”. (CoToT) The CoToT is the heresy that caused them to worship “Drawing Down the Moon” as historical writ when it came out, and now to worship the words of Ronald Hutton as 100% true. They generally believe every other Wiccan is not a Wiccan, and since the 80s, have become more and more judgemental and flighty. However, someone who calls themselves a Pagan Witch may indeed practice Wiccan rituals, but just not be willing to play the Wiccan psycho-sociological game anymore.
    Both Wicca and other branches of Paganism are what I call Neopaganism, (a designation I take from Isaac Bonewits, Druid, Wiccan and Neopagan from America) meaning they all take some aspects of Pagan religions (that being pre-Christian pagan traditions in Europe Africa or elsewhere) and combine these with new (neo) ideas as well.

  5. I agree with the other answers when they say Wicca is just one form of Paganism. The problem of identity arises in the States where they tend to call all Pagans Wiccan.

  6. Wicca is a particular religion, Pagan is a catch all phrase that refers to any group or religion that does not worship Jesus or the Hebrew god.

  7. You’ve already had some good, solid answers. I’ll only add some details.
    You’ve already seen the Wicca is a subset of the much broader term Pagan.
    Wiccans are adherents to the faith of Wicca. Generally, Wicca is a duotheistic or polytheistic faith, and not all Wiccans practice witchcraft.
    A Pagan Witch is one who practices witchcraft and is not Wiccan but is either an adherent to one of the many other Pagan faiths or else is a witch who may have no theistic beliefs at all other than the philosophical attachment to the idea of a connection to nature and natural cycles.
    I do hope this has helped.

  8. Wicca is an organized/semi-organized religion. There are specific books and rituals associated with the organized group though the followers are far from firm about agreeing with each other. Within their ranks their is still major disagreement over whether their religion is a direct descendant of original pre-Christian religions or a reconstructionist one (a modern creation based on readings).
    The term has blurred some due to internal schisms among its organization and by independent practitioners that like to use the name Wicca and/or witch for their personal Pagan practices.
    Though “Pagan” is a blanket term that covers a huge variety of organized, semi-organized, and independent non-Abrahamic religion practitioners, “Pagan Witch” is usually someone who uses many of the Wiccan religion techniques and books, but is trying to stay independent of the term Wicca and its history.

  9. A witch is a witch is a witch is a witch. Wiccans are pagans…point in case. Some wiccans do cast bad spells. I guess it all depends on which witch is the worst!!!
    Peace, Love & Happiness

  10. Paganism is an umbrella term that covers many different and distinct religions– Pagan religions do not share universal beliefs.
    Witchcraft is a practice that can be combined with any (or no) religion.
    Wicca is a specific modern Pagan religion– it’s based on a reconstruction/reinvention of Northern European Pagan religions and the practice of Witchcraft, influenced heavily by ceremonial magic & freemasonry.
    Therefore a Pagan Witch would practice magic and follow any of the Pagan religions… but that religion doesn’t necessary have to be Wiccal.
    Not all believe in following the Wiccan rede, or in the ceremonial ritual structure of Wicca, or in the Wheel of the Year that is comprises the 8 Wiccan holidays, etc.
    You could be all three though:
    – I am a Wiccan (follow Wiccan principles, holidays, traditions, etc.)
    – I am Pagan (Wiccans are all Pagan)
    – I am a Witch (I practice Witchcraft)
    What’s confusing is that a lot of Non-Wiccans who are Witches and follow Neo-Pagan religions these days have been so heavily influenced by Wicca that their practices resemble it much more than their original ancient religion.

  11. Wicca is a well-defined (although it has several
    branches) religion, whereas pagan could have
    almost any sort of meaning. There are many
    classical pagan religions as well as many modern
    neo-pagan groups.
    Most pagans prefer the term Priest or Priestess,
    of course.

  12. A Wiccan is someone who practises Wicca, but may or may not actually practise witchcraft. Not all Wiccans do.
    A Pagan witch is someone (like me) who is believes in and adheres to a faith other than Christianity, Judaism or Islam, and practises witchcraft.
    A Christian witch would be someone who is a Christian, and practices witchcraft, such as the Amish Pow-Wow Healers, and some gnostic Christian groups, and some just plain Christian people.


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