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Could Reincarnation Be Explained Scientifically?

I have seen several compelling case studies in which scientists find people that say they have lived before and give details about their past lives that are later proved correct. In these cases it is also impossible for them to have gotten that information.
Could evolution/science explain reincarnation?


  1. I don’t think science has been able to tap into the type of energy involved in souls. Science doesn’t have a clue right now.
    Maybe later on, but it’s not even on the horizon right now, so far as we know, anyway.

  2. Not until there is empirical, scientific data (not anecdotal stories) that spirits exist, that they exit a body upon death, that they then somehow travel to some kind of processing center that sends them elsewhere, and that those same spirits currently reside in another body.
    Has never happened and never will. Reincarnation is just another ghost story.

  3. 1. The existence of a soul (or some sort of personality which survives death) needs to be proved first.
    2. There needs to be a way to test how this soul would transfer from person to person during death and birth.
    Neither of these have been accomplished.

  4. No. Every case study which has been reliably documented has turned out to be bogus – faulty witnesses, liars, etc.
    If humans could exist as mere soul, without this big brain, then what would be the purpose of developing the brain? A big brain is an evolutionary disadvantage, because it requires a lot of resources (calories) to keep it running efficiently. Also the more we know about the brain, the more we can pinpoint specific mental functions to specific areas of the brain. Again, if YOU can exist and function without that brain, what’s the brain for? And what is the purpose of a physical incarnation if the ultimate goal is some spiritual reality?
    Hey, wish someone could give me some actual evidence otherwise. I’d love to imagine I was going to live forever. Just doesn’t seem likely at all. Check out the link below for more.

  5. Yes, when science catches up.
    M (or string) theory opens up alternate realties, other realms of existence, and many scientists believe the practical development of time travel is “just a matter of time” now.
    Bacteria existed even when there were no microscopes to observe them. Reincarnation exists and it is fact, and anything factual can be proved by science, when science discovers how to look for the truth.

  6. Bg 15.8 P The Yoga of the Supreme Person
    Here the living entity is described as isvara, the controller of his own body. If he likes, he can change his body to a higher grade, and if he likes he can move to a lower class. Minute independence is there. The change his body undergoes depends upon him. At the time of death, the consciousness he has created will carry him on to the next type of body. If he has made his consciousness like that of a cat or dog, he is sure to change to a cat’s or dog’s body. And, if he has fixed his consciousness on godly consciousness, he will be transferred to Krsnaloka in the spiritual world and will associate with Krsna. It is a false claim that after the annihilation of this body everything is finished. The individual soul is transmigrating from one body to another, and his present body and present activities are the background of his next body. One gets a different body according to karma, and he has to quit this body in due course. It is stated here that the subtle body, which carries the conception of the next body, develops another body in the next life. This process of transmigrating from one body to another and struggling while in the body is called karsati or struggle for existence.
    SB 4.29.64 P Talks Between Narada and King Pracinabarhi
    In dreams we sometimes see things that we have never experienced in the present body. Sometimes in dreams we think that we are flying in the sky, although we have no experience of flying. This means that once in a previous life, either as a demigod or astronaut, we flew in the sky. The impression is there in the stockpile of the mind, and it suddenly expresses itself. It is like fermentation taking place in the depths of water, which sometimes manifests itself in bubbles on the water’s surface. Sometimes we dream of coming to a place we have never known or experienced in this lifetime, but this is proof that in a past life we experienced this. The impression is kept within the mind and sometimes becomes manifest either in dream or in thought. The conclusion is that the mind is the storehouse of various thoughts and experiences undergone during our past lives. Thus there is a chain of continuation from one life to another, from previous lives to this life, and from this life to future lives. This is also sometimes proved by saying that a man is a born poet, a born scientist or a born devotee. If, like Maharaja Ambarisa, we think of Krsna constantly in this life (sa vai manah krsna-padaravindayoh), we will certainly be transferred to the kingdom of God at the time of death. Even if our attempt to be Krsna conscious is not complete, our Krsna consciousness will continue in the next life. This is confirmed in Bhagavad-gita (6.41):
    prapya punya-krtam lokan
    usitva sasvatih samah
    sucinam srimatam gehe
    yoga-bhrasto ‘bhijayate
    “The unsuccessful yogi, after many, many years of enjoyment on the planets of the pious living entities, is born into a family of righteous people, or into a family of rich aristocracy.”
    If we rigidly follow the principles of meditation on Krsna, there is no doubt that in our next life we will be transferred to Krsnaloka, Goloka Vrndavana.
    SB 4.29.66 Talks Between Narada and King Pracinabarhi
    O King, all good fortune unto you! The mind is the cause of the living entity’s attaining a certain type of body in accordance with his association with material nature. According to one’s mental composition, one can understand what the living entity was in his past life as well as what kind of body he will have in the future. Thus the mind indicates the past and future bodies.
    The mind is the index of information about one’s past and future lives. If a man is a devotee of the Lord, he cultivated devotional service in his previous life. Similarly, if one’s mind is criminal, he was criminal in his last life. In the same way, according to the mind, we can understand what will happen in a future life.
    SB 7.15.69 P Instructions for Civilized Human Beings
    “By human calculation, a thousand ages taken together is the duration of Brahma’s one day. And such also is the duration of his night.” Bhagavan Sri Krsna can remember incidents from millions of years ago. Similarly, His pure devotee like Narada Muni can also remember incidents from a past life millions and millions of years ago.


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