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Could quantum entanglement prove the existance of higher dimensions?

Nothing can travel faster than the speed of light, as general relativity requires. Quantum mechanics shows us that quantum states can change instantaneously at opposite ends of the universe. Does this not prove the existance of an extra dimension?
Space and time warp, creating short cuts, but this doesn’t explain how every point in the universe is next to every other point as the quantum experiments show. The extra dimension could be like a point, where everything touches everything else in the 5th dimension, but the 4 dimensions (including time) contain the familiar speed of light restrictions.
What do you think?


  1. I’ve often thought the same thing! Sort of like islands look like separate entitties until you drain the water away and see they’re just bumps in the same piece of land. If every particle in the universe was simply a tiny ‘island’ in a higher-dimensional continuum, that would explain faster-than-light propogation since the higher dimension is outside (perpendicular to) the flow of time so anything happening there would move ‘instantly from our perspective. Very good!

  2. Actually, you are quite right. Quantum entanglement does require information to travel superluminously. You have to remember, however, the the metrics used in relativity are only written for four dimentions. As you rightly point out, the speed of light restrictions ‘might’ only apply in those first four.
    The reason why they ‘might’ only apply is because, according to string theory[1], to explain the way in which the different fundimental forces are related 10 (or 26… depending on the specific version. Recently, all seven versions of string theory were murged by the duality revolution) dimentions are required.
    This is important to realise: all the theories you will learn in physics EXCEPT for string theory are not dimentionally dependent. In fact, that was a criterion for a ‘good theory’ set out by Galileo! If a theory was written independant of dimentions, it was a good theory because it could be applied in 1, 2 or 3D easily without any changes.
    All of the theories (Electromagnetic theory, Quantum theory, Relativity, you name it) exist independent of dimentionality and have simply been ‘plugged into’ 4D. String theory, on the other hand, demands the existance of X dimentions (they’re still working on it).
    It is quite possible, however, that when relativity is extended into these higher dimentions, the speed of light still can’t be violated BUT the projection of the speed of light onto 4D might be allowed to be violated. And that is one way in which quantum enganglement might work.
    Either way, quantum enganglement has been observed[2] and, as yet, is without explanation.
    Personally, I believe that the higher dimentions defined by string theory would provide an explanation.


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