Could Native American shaman's make it rain back in the day?

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They believed they could.

spiritualy political sarcasm man

oh most definitely.


Although I am not a N.A. shaman I make it rain wherever I go because I look that good.


Actually, the traditional rain dance of many tribes still claim the ability to make it rain. Perhaps not as much as once they did, but many people have seen rain dances start with a cloudless sky and end with a clouded sky and usually at least some rain. The ability of Native American medicine men and women to at least somewhat control the weather is a well-document phenomenon. This ability was also attributed to the Celtic Druids by none other than Caesar Augustus of Rome.

Lucky Mollusk

Who knows? Maybe. I wish washing cars had the same effect.

Robin W

No. If there was some ritual to make it rain, we’d be using in drought-stricken areas right now. A rain-maker could go to Australia and make a fortune.

I Got My Baby Daddy.

Back in the day? Back in what day?


No. But there was one in Oklahoma who back in the 1800’s was seen holding a handful of ice in his tee pee in the middle of a hot summer day. It was witnessed by an anthropologist and recorded. His name was Daveko, a Kiowa-Apache medicine man.


Yeah, they could.
I’m Native American, and I believe. There are some things that medicine people do these days that I’ve seen, but can’t explain. You would not believe me, and I would just sound silly talking about it in front of non-believers.
They can still make it rain. More and more medicine people die off, and it gets harder to hold onto these things.


you would be surprised.


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