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Could my sleep paralysis have anything to do with spirits?

I’ve been having SP, and it’s been ever since I got into God. (Happened 4 times in the past 3 months) I feel like someones trying to make me not breathe or something and I can’t move. I heard it can be a demon/devil or something pushing you down
I sleep on my stomach.


  1. No, see, demons/spirits is how PEOPLE WHO DON’T KNOW ABOUT SLEEP PARALYSIS explain it.
    They don’t really exist; they were made up by people who didn’t have an explanation.

  2. Sleep Paralysis happens when your body is “asleep” but your mind is still aware. You need to consult your physician. Demons have nothing to do with it.

  3. I had a few episodes of sleep paralysis when I moved out on my own and got my own apartment. My bed would shake in the morning and I thought there were ghosts haunting my room. Eventually, I had an episode where a friend of mine came into my room and was running away from bad guys. That was obviously a dream and once I realized nothing supernatural was going on, the sleep paralysis episodes stopped. I’ve had a few since, mostly when I’m stressed out, there are changes in my life, or I’m sleeping in a strange place.
    Perhaps your new belief in God is a change in your life and it is triggering your sleep paralysis episodes? In any case, please do not worry, you are not being tormented by demons.

  4. Sounds like astral projection according to the surrounding circumstance. It would correspond with your deepening spiritual awareness and connection. The soul temporarily leaves the body during sleep in search of something; especially to visit others we are feel connected to while they are also asleep. That explains sometimes you may have had dreams where you awake from and vaguely remember you were just sitting there talking to someone you know the entire time or a lot of people have dreams of being able to fly. If you awake prematurely (if its unconsciously induced- you’re not consciously aware nor therefore in control of it) before the soul has returned to the body thats why you are unable to move though the soul always remains connected to the body by a kind of thread during these journeys.

  5. Seriously doubt it my friend. My son had this problem as well. Just to help you , we found out that it is not dangerous, but I know it can be scary. So go see a doctor, who may be able to help you. My son refuses to see a doctor about anything.

  6. If it is spirits, they are scared of Jesus. Pray to our Heavenly Father (through Jesus, His Son) when you get it. You don’t need to move or speak to pray – and your thoughts cannot be paralysed.

  7. Can be psychological mostly and if it happens frequently then its a good idea to see a doctor if you find you cannot sleep well.
    Spirits can also cause such affects. Did you do anything that you could have caused this to happen? Sleeping on your back, front or side has no affect if spirit wants to communicate with you. Kindly ask what they want.
    I doubt its demonic since they will trouble you even when your wide awake going about your business, let alone being asleep.


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