Home Discussion Forum Could life really be one big dream?

Could life really be one big dream?

Is everything a part of our subconscious mind?


  1. i’m sure u’ve read ‘Sophie’s world’.
    I’m thinking what’s actually universe. is it an illusion?
    i realy dont think so. our mind is playing on us, because we see lots of illusions about , things which actually are not there.

  2. no a fantasy life or our “wished” perfect life is a dream,, reality,, sets in and give you a kick in the butt, it keeps you on your toes,,, life is reality,, a debt free, perfect relationship, stress free enviroment, tax free enviroment, polutionfree enviroment, non killing enviroment,, now those would be considered more of the subconscious mind,, all others are fact not fiction,, thus making them real or “reality”

  3. You have to find something to believe in. If you believe in a God that would call you His child, then your worries should be over. He wouldn’t do that to you. Christ used a father’s relationship to his son to illustrate God’s relationship to us many times. Keep your balance, you are worth more than you know.

  4. Compared to what? Can you convince me that you are real and that I am not dreaming this? What is most real to you, reading this transmission, the keyboard and monitor, the particles that make them up, or the dream you had last night?

  5. Dreams are interpretations of our waking life and in our waking life we also interpret every piece of stimuli with our subconcious.So in our minds our lifes are all a dream. But awake or asleep we contuously receive outside stimuli that exists seperate of ourselves. And there is reality that exisst independent of ourselves.


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