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could it Claircognizance?

Well lately my uncle has been in the hospital he’s been getting better and worse and better and worse. This morning my mom decided to light a candle (dont ask me some religious thing) and she’s let it burn all day. Later on i went to my moms room to get a soda and as i walked out of the room i looked at the candle and it was all burned down and turned off. Some how i just knew that my mom wouldn’t have turned it off. My mind suddenly jumped to my uncle and without a thought in my head i said “He’s going to die today.” Just a few hours later after my shower i heard my mom crying and she told me that my uncle had died.
thanks for being polite >.<


  1. No, just a co-incidence.
    Candles burn down. It has long been a metaphor for life (Elton John’s “Candle in the Wind”, Shakespeare etc)
    Sick people die.

  2. Coincidences are the signs people refuse to acknowledge. 😉 There are no accidents…Everything has a purpose. You keep your faith,

  3. I answered in your other question, so check there, but I believe what you heard was the whispers of an angel. We have angels all around us, and each of us has a guardian angel. I feel this particular angel had been with either him or you all, waiting with you, for him to pass. Waiting to let you know. Does your mom pray at all? I get this feeling it was an answer to something she’d asked about, like the candle was her way of asking God to extend his life, not to take him, so when he passed, the angel sent God’s message through you and through the candle, by snuffing the candle out.

  4. Are you talking about Clairvoyance?
    Clairvoyance Test: The development of potential psychic abilities.
    It is widely believed amongst the psychic community that everyone possesses psychic abilities. But not everyone has the ability to access and utilize their inner psychic self- it needs to be cultivated and nurtured over a long period of time.

  5. So sorry about your uncle. Hugs.
    I believe it was a genuine message from your angels. You know in your heart it was no coincidence. believe.

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