Could it be that nobody understands what Krishnamurti said because he didn't fully understand what he said ?

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Wu Dao Long

that is a distinct possibility


Does anyone give a sh1t

Steve B

Who ???
Anyway, iIt is not necessary for a charismatic ‘leader’ to by particularly lucid ..
… in fact the more obscure and disconnected from reality the better (since his followers can then ‘interpret’ the words to mean whatever THEY want them to mean ..)
… indeed, if Nostradamus had been a tad clearer, his words would have been dismissed as the random ravings of a nutter (instead of being written down and worshiped ..)

jac the hat

Yes – is this a problem do any of us understand what we are sayign when trying to explain spiritual philosophical theories.
I pretty much like ‘my take’ on what he said.
I dont care if it was the monkey randomly writing shakespeare that came up with anything that sounded wise enough to ponder – I am not proud – I like that he gave up his status.
I have been to a krishnamurti group once though and it was dire mostly because it was so limited and seemed a haven for those who wanted a box to think within. I’ll stay with the books.

Felicity O

Haven’t heard of him, but it’s a distinct possibility. When asked about a line of poetry, Robert Browning said, ‘When I wrote that only God and I knew what it meant, now only God Knows.’


I understand perfectly what Krishnamurti said.


how will i know when my chakra points are open?

you guys know the seven main chakra points..well i just need to know

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