Could it be that Magic/Psychic/Personal energies are exactly the same as Scientific Energies?

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by purebloodedheinz57:

I have a theory to throw into the mix here that would blur the line between magic, religion, and science. Not quite sure how to explain it so i’ll ask more questions, lol.
Is it possible that paranormal energies are the same as normal energies? Could it be possible that Teleknesis can be described on a physical level and that magical theories can be used scientifically and scientific theories can be used magically? Can the phenominon of Faith Healing, better drive forward modern medicine?

Answer by nicko
I personally believe so.

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They are all the pwer of Satan.
Accept Christ


Start with Brian Greene’s The Elegant Universe, go to Amit Goswabi’s The Self-Aware Universe, season liberally with Jung, and then jump on Peter Carroll’s Liber Null & Psychonaut.
That was my sort of path to a similar semi-conclusion…and if nothing else, it’s a fun one. Enjoy.


Before we can try to bring legitamancy to telekinesis, faith healing, psychics, etc, we need to prove that they exist. No one has EVER been able to show that any of these things work under controlled conditions (i.e., when they couldn’t be cheating).
So if we don’t actually have any paranormal energies (and there’s no evidence we do), they aren’t any normal energies.
If you’ve got proof of the paranormal, by all means, show it. You can win a million bucks and a lot of publicity for your theories here .
Edit: guys – just because YOU don’t understand the magnetic field of the planet doesn’t mean that people who study don’t understand it. The magnetic field of the Earth is well-understood and doesn’t cause ghosts. There’s no such thing as ghosts.


i’m of the opionion that any time someone “sees” a ghost – it’s an effect of something we know little about such as the magnetic field on this planet. And yah – psychic energies etc are much the same – altho most who claim to be one are liars there are some of us that more in tune to the Earth and nuances that cannot be touched with the 5 senses. Science still ha s lot of work to do. i’m not going to say i believe telekinesis is possible however there are still a lot of things we dont know about our brain either so ……

nuckin futz

Certainly its possible. Read some books on Quantum Physics and you will be quite suprised. I’ve come to the conclusion that its all just chaos, we’re making up the universe as we go.


Which scientific energies are we talking about? Electricity? Magnetism? Gravity? All those would seem like magic to people who don’t understand them.


I teach that every Saturday and have literally hundreds of journals that establish those properties of the spirit.
Bio-electric impulses and Bio-magnetic forces are in every single living thing on earth. We can use these energies for both good and evil.All we need do is learn to use them.
The practice has a name. Unfortunately Christianity has closed the practice doors.
If you are intrigued and wish to learn, e-mail me.


No, because magic/psychic/personal energies are not scientific.


Basically it’s on the line of spirituality, it’s the power of the spirit over the body, the spirit functions at a level most of us are not aware of. Our spirit functions, generally, without the mind even being aware of it. The spirit communicates with God, BEING THE RECEPTIVE DEVICE THAT RECEIVES KNOWLEDGE AND INSIGHT FROM HIM.
All creation begins with thoughts, the creation of sin, and of guilt, and of despair, and of hope, and of love all start within us. All healing comes from within. All misery comes from within. We can create our own spiral of despair, or we can create a trampoline of happiness and attainment. Our thoughts have tremendous power.
We are like babies crawling around, trying to learn how to use the forces within us. They are powerful forces and are governed by laws that will protect us from ourselves. But as we grow and seek the positive all around us, even the laws themselves will be revealed. We will be given all that we are prepared to receive.


Any science, sufficiently advanced, is indistinguishable from magic. If magical, psychic and other paranormal energies exist and can be measured, then there is a way to explain them. I think the current methods of scientific observation are inadequate to the task, as there is some suggestion that the very experimental scenario affects the outcome of the experiment, somewhat in the way an observed particle in a physical system would be affected by other, similarly sized particles that are used to measure it (Heisenberg Uncertainty–the experimenter affects the experiment). If an indirect way could be found to measure and quantify so-called paranormal phenomena, then they could be described scientifically. So far, this has eluded us, and the hucksters run rampant in the field of the paranormal; that makes the task doubly difficult and daunting to serious researchers. One has to sift out the bull, and then figure a way to measure the real stuff.
One beginning might be the experiments scientists are now doing with mind-controlled robotics (controlling physical devices useing impulses from electrodes implanted in the brain). It is at a rudimentary level now, but once this field is developed, I imagine it could be extended to offer some explanation for telekinesis, or at least a starting point for a theory. I would love to see science and the paranormal finally have a meeting of the minds….


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