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Could it be said that desire is Consciousness seeking manifestation?

Must passion impregnate desire to manifest? How are Love (as the driving force) and desire congruent and necessary in bringing anything into manifestation? How is “creativity” linked to passion and desire? Is there even manifestation without desire to impel it? This question came out of a comment made by Deepak Chopra.


  1. I’ve often wished I could understand anything Deepak said. I don’t really pay a lot of attention to him, unfortunately.

  2. To understand this we can say that to create anything energy must be used and we can call it sexual energy, this sexual energy is made by loves desire to know itself. That’s half of it, the other half is when male and female join in union with knowledge of this sacred wisdom they can then realize the one source. This is what Maithuna is about.

  3. Desire has got two angles. One the higher and superior desire and the second the lower and inferior desire. It all depends on our orientation. If we want to use desire for getting absolute perfection, purity, success, excellence, etc. it is called higher orientation of desire.
    If desire is there to identify our self or compare our self with inferior type of we will become like that. If we identify our self with special type of high grade people, we will one day become that.
    Here ‘discrimination’ is very important. We should know how to discriminate higher type of desire and lower type of desire.
    Similarly love has two angles.
    All our desires are not getting manifested. Some desires we are able to achive, many of our desires we are not able to achieve. Shri Deepak Chopraji is a great man in this line. I do not know in what context he has used.
    But one thing is sure, if you put such questions in your sub-conscious mind today, after some period of time, you will definitely get a flash of its answer.

  4. Desire is the forerunner to thought.
    Passion is the driving force that maintains and propels the intent into full manifestation.
    To desire a thing to be and then think about it, is not enough….one must also have the energetic response of passion to propel the desire and the thought into action, into motion….into manifestation.
    The more intense the passion, the more throttle given to move the energy in motion, (so to speak)… and the sooner…. (assuming one is in a dimension of time)….the thing becomes manifest.
    In some dimensions/alternate realities, it is literally a moment to moment occurence. (The Moment the Passion is felt, and the thought projected…there you are instantaneously).
    Within our generally understood time context. The intensity of the Passion is equal to the strength of the force and speed that propels the intended thing into manifestation.
    (I may have repeated myself a few times here, forgive me)

  5. Aaah Sirius – such a deep thinker with good questions.
    Desire is thought. Thought is energy that emits vibration. Vibration is monitored constantly by the Universe under the Law of Attraction to see what to provide more of to us.
    We need to go past desire to manifest or create. Desire is thought about having it. We need to have thought that we actually ALREADY have It (what we desire) NOW.
    ALWAYS think only good things, have only good feelings. Our feelings are the guidance system of what we are creating. What we feel at this moment, every moment, is what we are attracting to, and asking the Universe to give more of, to us.

  6. What we can say or better, what we can ask of and ponder as regards Consciousness, the umbrella under which come all other questions and things, and for now we may employ at least for the time-being for sake of learning, but a reality extant and not subject to the fitness of time is — how does what is equal, equal but by being equal — unto itself?
    ‘Being’ equal unto itself is the only action it need be given to, without need for warrant, for artifice nor exponent, nor for the crutch of added variable or constant, without bearing any necessity for coefficient or device, without intimations that appear proximal.
    The rest is but dressing.
    I am equal to myself, no matter what clothing I wear in the morning nor what I don on the morrow’s eventide. I am equal to myself, reflexively so, and distinguishable from all that has and will come before me and all that follows afterward and does saunter in behind me.
    There are outputs, there are inputs — yes — like that of the flame of the candle we knew we alighted, ourselves, just yesterday and are as sure as lords to conciliate otherwise as to the flame’s constancy and identity and veracity, that that is the selfsame flame, but yet as surely we do know as well that it is ‘not’.
    On that of Consciousness, all things other are but device.

  7. Yes, when we desire something or someone, we can say our consciousness or perception manifest itself as fact by showing something in such a way that causes us to crave, yearn or love. Now, do we require a desire or craving in order for a manifestation to occur? I for one don’t think so. One does not require a desire or yearn to grasp something because manifestation only requires an abstract idea either from yourself or somebody else.

  8. Of course, but it wouldn’t be accurate.
    Desire is you wanting/seeking the object/subject of your desire. Change that to passion.
    Consciousness is a perceiving attribute and the building blocks of reality, but you the Identity is greater than that which composes you.
    You, being conscious and passionate, conceive and conceptualize of what you could create and what you could become.
    Desire marries belief.
    Action consummates the marriage.
    You would love to be enlightened, therefore you desire it.
    You want it with all your conscious passion.
    If you believed it was impossible, you would take no action, therefore there would be no marriage and there would be no children.
    Idea is wedded to matter.
    The spirit forms the flesh.

  9. Mind seeks Manifestation. Mind is made up of thoughts. Thought is the ingredient of mind. thought means nothing but “energy in motion”.
    many such minutes energyies in motion, accelerate other energies, and all such cumulative thoughts and there residue make up our mind, and HENCE mind by its nature seeks manifestation.
    Conciousness is the plane or space where this mind exists and manifests itself.
    motion is passion and passion is motion. hence mind is passion. residue of thoughts whihc have dissolved, and left over the seed,s form a part of the mind, which accelerates and energizes this passion, this part is ignorance, and also further there are also thoughts which hinder the acceleration ofother such thoughtsa nd are hence friendly for humans, trying to control mind, this are pious thoughts, or thoughts in the mode of sattva.
    creativity itslef is divine, it does not bother about what is being created, and the result of creation, neither the purpose. but the creativity we know of is the creativity that has been implemented by mind , hence giving these dynamics, of what , whats the purpose, how etc. IN real form creativity is the property of conciousness, which in its true form is energy expounding.
    it is in deed the real reason why great happiness is derived often from things, whihc mind determines as small and insignificant.
    Love also similarly in pure form is the property of the soul. but the love we know as of now, is the love derived and mixed with mind ( = passion ).
    self is always manifest, and without desires, self is manifest completely. this is the unmanifested manifestation.
    desire is inversely proportional to satisfaction, desire decreases, fulfillment increases, and desire is zero , fulfilment is complete ( Infinite ).
    this state is attained by immersing yourself in the Laya, the true process of creation.
    you are living in intellect, and i always ask you to move to the heart. for example, instead of all these words, if i ask you to without any purpose and without the intention of achievign anythign, and without the idea of utilizing or wasting time, and without any expectation of pleasure or attachment, can you take a pen and papaer, and draw random shapes and feel them. you will see a better creativity than the creativity got when drawing with purpose and planning.
    be blessed dear one,
    — Deito
    Harirnama Harirnama Harirnama Kevalam.

  10. Yes, in a way. Every desire cause movement and every movement unfolds Consciousness. Hence, no movement, no enhancement of Consciousness! Being is a trapped Consciousness. As the being evolve, there is greater and greater untrapment, unfoldment, manifestation of the potential,of the unmanifest.When all and the whole of it is manifested, become fully aware/conscious, the purpose of Creation is fulfilled.The purpose is to manifest and manifest, fully and totally and realize Him there. That would be the end of samsara, the creation, the cycles of birth and death and, the beginning of being eternally with the Source in Peace! Only humans are fully equipped for that. If only we desire and manifest! Every desire is hidden with divine inside, manifest it!

  11. Desires are nothing but a confirmation of the fact that an individual is trapped in illusions. The true consciouness would never result in creation of any desire except the desire for liberation from this eternal miserable cycle of birth-life-death-re-birth All other desires are illusory and product of human ignorance.

  12. I would be very wary of taking self-styled gurus like Mr Chopra seriously.Look at the the rise of the plethora of self-help spiritualists over the last 20 years.Each promising the answers to the meaning of life with their manuals,programmes,dvd’s and seminars all enriching these people at a financial cost to you the seeker.
    I class them as Shams.For they all promise through their philosophy the perfect happiness but happiness is but an illusion.
    Become your own Shaman.
    Love is a desire to seek satisfaction emotionally,physically and spiritually with someone else and we are bombarded with the messages to attain this.We may see a form which we then desire to posess and we end up being hurt for our desire blinds us to the reality of another person who lives in a different universe to us.This manifests it’s self in the relationship forming however does it last?Even our children grow up and change.
    Creativity comes from the unconsciousness.We may be inspired by a thought which then takes form like writing this.Our passion is to connect and establish a truth.If the creative process is stymied or the other person disagrees we then open ourselves to negative feelings projected inwardly or outwardly.So we must learn to watch the thinker.Our ego in other words.If love is the answer to happiness then surely it must be practiced unconditionally from that stand-point we can then achieve a state of being in the now because we are dealing with the moment and accept that moment is ever changing yet we observe it without the emotion.I know this sounds paradoxical.Perhaps Mr Chopra is implying this?Perhaps the great artists like painters,writers and musicians recognize that what they have created is to be shared by all of us and within that is their gift of a creative love as opposed to the singular love of separation and posession.I would state that desire is not consciousness seeking manifestation but manifestation losing it’s consciousness in desire.
    Some of the answers to this question are very wise and we must respect that point of view based on each individuals experiences.I have a desire..no I will rephrase that…a burning desire to see this world become what it could be if people stopped their desires to inflict misery and anguish by the systems they believe in such as politics and religion.I see books and I have watched the prorammes all promising the holy grail of happiness but we all know that life is not like that.Standing up head is our next destination.The one that no self-help guru can explain.Is our desire here to avoid that?Or are we sleep walking through this life?What we create we leave here.Do we honour that time to let go before we go?

  13. I would have to think a while on this but its such a great question I can’t avoid giving it a try.
    When I saw this question I had a desire to answer it. Desire I feel needs a driving force and this force is the passion you speak of. The more passionate, the stronger the desire.
    I’ve been wondering about the link between creativity and desire..wondering if the very art I create is part of what I need to be reducing in my life.
    Creativity seems to be a sort of intelligence or selective ability beyond what we know or are used to, which is why all of us cannot create in the same way or to the same level of fine-ness. The desire to create- I think- has something to do with gratification, which is pleasure. However, one does not always create out of a desire to do so, as in ones employment…BUT…to perform well at work there must be a level of pride as well, so the pleasure aspect still exists.
    Intellectually I feel your question deserves and answer of “yes”…on another level I have to think more on this.

  14. Absolutely!
    Passion and desire are a driving force to manifestation, LOVE, {a manifestation of / in itself} and not necessary but bring positivity to the manifest.
    Creativity is a by-product of passion and desire.
    Manifestation comes in many forms.
    Some are conscious thought, some are fear based {unconscious manifestations}
    Example; If one believes they can “see” god, it can manifest into a “reality”.
    YES, manifestation happens without conscious “desire” {again, fear}.
    Most times fear based manifestations have negative implications.
    If one dwells on a fear, it MAY manifest in an undesirable way.
    The mind is a very powerful “tool”. It can create, it can destroy.
    It is ALL based in intent / intentions of the HEART!
    If one has mind and heart working together, manifestation can HEAL!

  15. Desire is an aspect of ego. Your ego is a complement of how you see the world. What you see outside that you like, corresponds to a negative feeling of lacking within, hence the desire to obtain that which you lack.
    It is easier to picture it in terms of people you like and don’t like. If you feel someone is bad then implicit in that discrimination is that you see yourself as better, and if you see a person as good then likewise you see yourself as lacking. How accurate are these discriminations – mostly you don’t know anything about that other person, how their day is going, their upbringing etc – who are you to judge?
    Regards creativity: Try this and let me know how you go on.
    You are an animal. You are comprised of two instinctive drives as are all animals – self-instinct and herd-instinct.
    Your mind maps the world as best it can and gives you suggestions on how to act within it, these are your thoughts. This is your self-instinct.
    Your heart which is essentially your conscience, adjudicates on whether your mind has evaluated correctly or not. It tells you which suggestions from the mind to follow and which to reject. This is your herd-instinct. THIS IS YOUR GUIDE.
    When people talk about abiding by Christ in their chest or their Buddha nature or submitting to the will of Allah, they are simply talking about following the dictates of ones heart. Being an animal. Problem is we subcontracted morality to the brain, which has been in contention with the heart ever since – hence anxiety etc. You simply cannot have a judge sitting in the mind (learned) and the heart (natural).
    Ideological moral constructs that are leanrt and kept in mind rub up against this natural guide. Sometimes they are in sync and sometimes they are not – it varies from person to person and problems manifest in various ways. So one must clean these rules out of ones mind first and learn to trust natures guide. It can’t be done with shit still in there – it will just mess with your heart sensor. So accepting ones natural guide is paramount. YOU know what is best for YOU and what is best for everyone provided you don’t try to pin it down to anything concrete.
    Morality is built in – you don’t need anyone to tell you how to live a moral life. Not Copra, Buddha, Jesus, Mohammed, Krishna, nobody – we all have it. This is real important – and all the mystics and sage said the same thing.
    if you can’t/won’t accept this at this level then you can’t move forward. I know this sounds like new age huey, but all it says is you cannot follow your nature’s/God’s rules howver you prefer to see it until you dispense with rules of your own or rules of others.
    So ignore the dogma and follow your heart. This sometimes means paying attention to a little buzzer going off or it may mean making an conscious effort to examine how you FEEL about things moment to moment.
    Back your hunches – sage advice.

  16. I have found that only thinking is desire. Stop thought even for a second and each and every desire is stopped, but this is only a start. after you have seen that desire has faded you must consider what remains. What is the feeling left? If you can stop thought then suddenly your eyes will open like a flash of light has struck them. All your fears will melt all your desires will be null and void. When you stop all thought all rumination that is Emptiness which Zen says to seek. That is the base. Then you must become aware. You must see the experience. It has been said that it is like fighting 100,000 armed men with one sword. The mind is such a cunning creation it may even think “Ok now i am not thinking.” but even this is a laughable thought.

  17. Or unconsciousness seeking manifestation. (from “Now.”)
    Real Consciousness has no desire. Desire is for future. The Present has no problems to solve.


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