could i use asics onitsuka tiger tai chi shoes for boxing?





i herd they are martial arts shoes. we do allot of exercises during training. i wanted some adidas box speed champs but i don’t know how comfortable they’d be while doing exercises. (crawling push-ups, jumping jacks, mini squats, and other crazy stuff)


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  2. Your trainer would be the one to give you the best answer. But if all youre doing is calesthenics, you should wear something that gives your feet more support, comfort and bounce (like basketball or cross trainers)…. especially if youre working out on a cement or hard wood floor. You can really mess up the balls of your feet and put a lot of stress on your knees, back and joints. But if you have to wear boxing shoes, the Asics are fine. All boxing, martial arts and wrestling shoes are the same…. theyre just lightweight shoes with thin soles, traction and ankle support.

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