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Could I please have a Tarot Reading from a good Tarot Reader please?

December 26th, 1985… I have no destination in life. Would like some guidance. Not sure if I believe in this kind of stuff, but I used to.
If you need any more tips. Just respond here and I will add to the question.


  1. And why would a card reader do this simply because you ask? They will be spending their time, energy and skill to read for you. What would you be doing for them?

  2. Readings is taping into the astral to bring out a message or the future, to look inside a person and pull out the answers that lie within. Distance is not a problem because we are all connected, we are all able to travel into the same astral realm. Even in Wicca many covens hold “astral open houses” which is a way to work on your skills but keep it fun. What you do is everyone sets up a special day and time for when you meet in the astral realm. You give each other “directions” on how to get there and everyone tries to attend.
    After the experience they all get together and talk about what they saw, who they saw, smelled or anything that happened. Once everyone compares notes they find that many things matched or were true. If someone was wearing a robe and they are described that way it is confirmation or perhaps a good sign that they are on the right track on their path as students of the craft.
    Anyway, long distance readings are very possible and as a matter of fact I often “check in” on frinds or family without them knowing. Say I check on my sister and I see money problems, well we hang out and I recommend a money spell for her. She does it and never knew why I even recommended it. If someone has a misfortune then I might do a blessing so that without them knowing we try and make less of the terrible situation to to heal it entirely.
    How can Nostradamus or any other psychic be able to deliver information about people on the other side of the world if it didn’t even concern them? How can a mother in, lets say, California know that something happened to her child in New York without even speaking to them when they are in trouble. Many cases are reported when people know something is wrong even when they’re miles and miles apart. This is because we are connected. Clearly energy transcends time and distance. People who believe that energy transcends time and distance are tarot readers, Healers of all modalities, wiccans, pagans, druids and many other traditions out there that focus on healing. How can our prayers and healing energy reach haiti?
    Now knowing that readings can be done online we must also remember the limits of the reader. Some people cannot read long distance while others can. It does not mean they are any less of a reader but as readers we learn to understand and accept our limits as well as the things that we can do. This is how you learn to also trust your readings.
    I know of a great reader named Morrigan who can be found on the link below. She offers readings absolutely free. Well it’s not 100% free, she does require you sign up 😛 but that costs you only 5 minutes of your time at the most which is perfectly fine for a fantastic reading and her time.
    Everyone is welcome to her site and request a reading.
    Blessings and good luck,
    Shadow Storm


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