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Could I have a chakra imbalance?

Could I have a imbalance with one of my chakras? I say this because when I drop something on my foot, its like the pain doesn’t register in my mind. I seem to have lost my fear of everything. When I am walking across the street, I even temp my self to get scared, and actually wait till I am almost hit in till I move. Could these thing be cause my a Chakra imbalance?


  1. Do you even know what Chakras are ? If you would, you would not ask this question. Why do you want again to become fearful when you can’t feel it ? Somebody is just screwing with your mind by some false information. Chakras are just guidelines in the path of meditation, they are not real. It’s like a scale not the physical ones

  2. It is possible. It may also be that you have a deep rooted emotional proble that your not aware of. I don’t mena that judgementally. I eman maye you don’t feel the pain or the fear beasue you honestly don’t care about it. Sounds like somehting I did a while ago. I couldn’t feel aythign becasue I didn’t care if I got hurt or not. But I dodn’t realise I was actually harbouring some deep resentment and was actually pretty depressed. Talk to some people, go see a doctor about it. There may be somehtinge ither emotonally or physically wrong.

  3. If one’s Chakram(wheel) is in imbalance,his/her car will run crazy and the motorists and pedestrians on the road will run for their lives,on their heels!!!!!


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