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Could i be close to an astral projection?

Okay, ive been practicing meditation for a few months, but i have been practicing clearing my thoughts for a few years. about 2 months ago i started practicing in astral projection, i think i have been getting close but i am not sure, i have been having a loud buzzing in my ears and sometime it will feel like im floating or falling. Could i be close?
Do not answer if you going to say “no not possible stop trying” or something along those lines, i’ve heard it all before, and please answer if your going to be serious. thank you


  1. ok, you don’t like my serious answer, so how about this one.
    Yes you are, but if you don’t achieve it in the next 2 days, you will never be able to achieve it. Your astral circuits will be forever locked in place as the most attuned you can ever be.

  2. Make test: Type try to see something out of sight and then see if there was any way he saw in Astral Projection [with a camera installed in place].

  3. Yes in-fact you are closer than you think. Next time it feels like your floating imagine a place you know or a person, thing anything. And sort of will yourself there.

  4. Yes. But when you astral project, you do not really come out of your body. You incite a electrochemical effect in your brain –the pairetal lobes usuallyy–that cause vestibular effects (sensations of floating) and disassociation (feeling outside yourself or not identifying with your body or self in the normal way). You are in an altered state of consciousness like a hypnopompic dream (why you get the buzzing in the ears, for example). So when this happens, you often become self-conscious and break out of the state. To continue, you have to relax into it the imagery and get yourself to either see yourself outside your body or else imagine a scene you want to project yourself into–as in lucid dreaming.

  5. OMG yes you are sooooo close….. i have astral projected more than 6 times so i know the basic sensations…..if you get a loud buzzing and you feel like you are floating or falling….you just have to keep yourself relaxed…….you kinda feel like you are in a difference zone once you get there….trust me, you will know what i mean…..it feels like what people call ‘sleep paralyis, which i refer to as a way to get out of your body….but i think i have done it a few times without getting into sleep paralysis, in which if i moved, which i could, it messed up everything…….
    it feels more like you are keeping your mind awake after you fall asleep…hard to do for some ppl including me….
    and its so annoying how you tell ppl to give you serious answers and you still get B.S. god grow up T_T but this is a serious answer. and it took me 2 months to get my first one…..so if that helps any you could help yourself to think it will happen soon…. 😀
    the first time you probably achieve it…….you will probably go into panic mode and freak out ( not everyday you see yourself staring at your body lying on the bed >.>) but don’t worry its all good 😀 and its probably good that you don’t go too far your first time…..unless you are a go getter, in which then…go for it 😀
    feel free to contact me if you have questions or such 😀


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