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Could I be an "Evil Spirit"?

My friend, brother and I were doing past life regressions the other day, (my friend read a Sylvia Brown book) and it worked for my friend, and it worked for my brother. Then they tried to regress me. I barely felt anything, and I could barely see anything I was supposed to be seeing, and then nothing really happened. In the way we did it (I don’t know if regressions are all the same, or there are variations, or what), was that you went through colors which represented stages of leaving your body, and then you entered a garden. Well, I could sort of see the colors, and I saw a lilac bush. The garden was where they thought they fell asleep (they were talking as if they were still awake). I didn’t even feel drowsy. And then nothing else happened. My friend told me that evil spirits couldn’t regress (at one point she pulled a knife out at me, jokingly I hope). It’s not like I go around killing kittens (I happen to really like kittens), or anything like that.
So, why couldn’t I regress into a past life? Please don’t just say “Oh, that crap is fake” or something stupid like that.


  1. Sylvia Browne accuses a lot of people of being evil spirits with no basis whatsoever.
    She is, in fact, completely full of it.
    Check the website.

  2. get your self new friends
    but i do believe evil can walk in the human skin
    possibly a other idea is that you don’t let unprofessional screw with your Psyche


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