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Could I be a psychic/medium?

So I already posted a question like this before, but I don’t think I explained it clearly at all.
I am very interested in the paranormal, and always have been, although nothing has ever happened to me, meaning I have never been touched or anything by a ghost. But I can feel auras around me, like within myself I feel an aura, and it comes to me as purple in color. There is another aura around me that comes from, I believe my spirit guide/guardian. His aura I always feel, its like a pretty green aura, and sometimes I can feel it on me, like on my arm. My house is not haunted or anything, but in my mind I can almost see what it looked liked when it belonged to the previous owner. I not sure if that is just my imagination.
I also remember my past life. I was a wolf. I can only remember brief images though. And in that past life, there is a deep feeling that someone important was in it, someone who is extremely important to me. I don’t know why.
I really think I could be a psychic/medium, but I’m not quite sure. I see other mediums on paranormal shows and it makes me VERY jealous. It feels like there is this big wall separating me from something. It makes me think that maybe I’m not a medium because nothing happens to me. I don’t see the dead, but I can sense auras around me. I really need help, because I know deep inside that I have potential to be some kind of psychic/medium.

If it matters, I’m 13.


  • u could possibly be
    i dint think u r crazy
    there r Alto of paranormal things happening to people
    u have a gift and u have to embrace it meet with other people who have been experienced paranormal things like u
    here is a website that could help you

  • No, you are not psychic or a medium. As you stated you are 13, so therefore you have a very vivid Imagination.

  • if you can feel an aura and then feel a color out of it then you mostly to be a senser which can tell if people have diseases of have a hard time in their life. it makes you incredibly able to resolve problem too so it’s a lot of responsibilties too but if you are a psychic , be ready to take on the pain of people on your own shoulders. being a psychic is not a joke, it’s a really intense gift

  • Dear Wolfblushie,

    At your age, young people often wonder about what their life will be like, what their potential is to be helpful to others, and how to test out what they now possess as far as possible current abilities laying dormant within them. Not always do we have these abilities when we are in our early to middle teens though. Most of the time the psychic abilities come forth when Angels decide we could be of service to God through sharing these gifts with others. Usually maturity works in our favor as using ethics is a very important key ingredient to maintaining and keeping our highest level of accuracy.

    As far as your being jealous of these TV psychics, 99.9% of the time, psychics do not have this type of glamourous appealing lifestyle. Don’t be mislead by how their life surface media life intrigues you. For the majority of us, it’s not what it’s cracked up to be.

    There are a lot of good psychic books out there that you might want to read and study which is what I recommend first.

    Peace and blessings,


  • Many people are interested in the paranormal. That doesn’t make it real. Auras don’t actually exist, but since many people take them as fact without realizing this, it’s no surprise you’re confused. You’re only 13, after all. Ghosts, past lives, mediums, psychics – it’s all fiction. Those people on TV are just making it all up. Sorry. I suggest picking a new career path.

  • Okay listen up, if you can feel auras or are in touch with your spirit meaning you can feel auras, you can see your past life, or sense things that are not felt by other people you are most likely a medium of sorts. It’s called an ESP by some people… I can sense auras too, though they are mostly the emotional auras or what people are really like inside themselves.. My kind are called empaths. We are somehow more in tuned with empathy and though we don’t necessarily care for other people or sympathize we can feel or read their emotions or mental intentions from their auras.

    ex: I can sense when their is a deep turmoil within someone without even looking at them.. If I am around that person for too long I feed off their energy and absorb it and my chi or energy becomes negative

    Along with being an empath I can sense ghosts.. It’s not like I can really ‘see’ them which I can’t but I can sometimes ‘feel’ their auras or spirits and/or hear them. I have become accustomed to ignoring them since their auras are commonly ‘uncomforting’ to my own… Along with that I am kind of like a ‘dog’ you could say…

    Like a dog I can sense others emotions, auras, feel spiritual energy, and sometimes predict death..

    There’s nothing to be jealous of.. If you want more power than practice and work hard for control.. There are other ways but I assure you they are not so pleasant.

    Nice to meet you my fellow psychic (:
    btw, I’m fourteen

  • People with gifts like these usually sense it in a early age. You are going to get silly comments from people on this forum, and in real life as well if you talk about these things. Ignore them.

    My mom is one of your kind and she has had problems being believed. I don’t have that gift and I don’t always believe in such things, but for my mom, what can I say, she can call me at times and know what I am up to, even tho we live in different countries, she can tell me about other people, she can tell me where a certaian thing is I lost is, she can see that my borther and I have lived many lives together, she gets feelings from animals, not talknig to them but “images”.
    She calle dme and asked if I was pregnant, I said no. That made me think and a day later I got a test, and it was positive. We were not trying to conceive and Id been on the pill for years. When I was younger i went away with friend to a place for a few nights, no cellphone. She needed to get ahold of me, what happens.. I wake up at night from a dream where she is shaking the house we are staying in. I get an urgent feeling to call her, I lay awake til 6, then I call her, she picks up at first ring and knew it was me.

    She also came to my new place one time and said oh honey, it is so cold here, and someone is walking around back and forth between the wndow and bedroom, back and forth, i am not sure what she wants. Crazy enough, a year later, a have a random conversation with the janitor in the building and he tells me a girl shot herself and died, in the apartment I lived in now. The bedroom was a mess.

    I’d suggest you start googling Wicca, and forums for mediums and psychics and join other gifted people.

    Good luck to you.

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