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Could I be a medium or psychic?

The first time I saw a spirit I was fifteen and it was my great-grandmother who I had never seen a picture of. I have spirits follow me when I move, but I can’t talk to them I just see that they are there. Most recently I have had dreams that come true. I can tell which ones will because they are a lot more vivid than my regular dreams. I am worried because last night I had a dream someone committed suicide and the point of the dream was that I could have stopped it.


  1. It was just a vivid dream & no doubt the vision was either your mind playing tricks or an over active imagination at that age.
    As there is no proven medium or psychic out there who can give actual evidence of paranormal power, i highly doubt you are psychic etc.

  2. Everyone has the capabilities of being intuitive, We are all intuitive at different levels so the answer to your question is YES, you could be an intuitive person.
    You must learn to interpret the things you see, and know when a dream is phrophetic and when it’s not. My dreams are not vivid, I remember them in parts yet they are very useful to me. So what you should do is check to see which dreams come true and which ones didnt. and then recall also how the dreams that came true felt and compare them to the one that didnt come true.
    If you want to take the safe road and you are friends with the person who committed suicide, go talk to them. Don’t tell them what you saw, but simply make sure that they’re okay. Just stick around them to see if you do not see any signs of depression and let them know you are there (not with words but with actions).
    Blessings and may your dreams bring you great messages,

  3. I have the same kind of dreams that I can tell the difference on with. Many times I woke up in the middle of the night from one of these and prayed with all my strength finding out later that indeed the occurrences were true and also that the more drastic outcome was averted by what I believe was my prayers. The Bible commonly speaks of prophets and tells the reader to beware and test the spirits and if the prophecy comes true it was of God and if it does not it was not from Him. The scripture that goes along with this is “My sheep know my voice”. You have mentioned that you distinguish between the dreams by how they are to you. I know exactly what you mean and have done the same, and when those vivid ones happen, seek the Lord with all your mind and all your heart and all your soul because prayer intervention works. New Age and paranormal students may and do call it different things but the energy created and directed during your prayer really moves circumstances as Jesus said you will be able to move mountains with the faith of a mustard seed. Not for selfish gain but for the benefit of others does this work. I have had many physical evidences our links between each other in this unseen realm of the body of Christ that we belong too.

  4. You are at least psychic, and precognitive. For goodness sake, whoever was in that dream, do what you can. The point of having a Gift is to use it for the good of all. Ignore those who don’t believe – they won’t believe until they experience something similar.
    As a fellow psychic, you are not crazy. You know the dreams that are precog and the ones that aren’t – the precog ones DO feel more vivid and real, because they will be. Do what you were meant to do.


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