Could God be an asteroid?

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If you study the history of the universe and our planet, the impact of asteroids, and also meteorites, on planets including Earth, had a huge “impact” on the developement of planets.
It had been tested and proved that before there was life on Earth, that a huge asteroid hitting Earth could can cause a reaction to change elements of this planet to create amino acids…the building blocks of LIFE.
This may not sound as meaningful to you spiritual people out there, that life was the result of a “big rock” in the sky rather than a character from a book, but realize the truth of how asteroids have created, changed and took life on Earth. Just ask the dinosaurs. Oh wait, their existence ended by the result of a big rock hitting Earth.
The fate of humans can easily end the same way. All that has to happen is that a slight shift of a asteroids orbit can cause it hurdling towards Earth…..Say “Hello” to your “God” . And you know what?…Asteroids don’t care if you worship them or not.
Jesus Fish, so you think the odds of amino acids developing into life are too great even though it is a possibilty, yet you are comfortable with the thought of a non-proven God?
Yes, the odds are great. Probably why there isn’t life on any other planet we know of. What happened on Earth just happened to meet those odds.
Again, I understand all of your disappointment that your Lord could be a rock.

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Donut Tim



No you idiot

china doll 3

No God is a Spirit.

apathatic c

theoretically, if there is a god, he/she/it could probably do or be whatever he/she/it wanted to, so yes, god coudl be an steroid.
Here are 2 better questions…why did you ask that question, and why did I answer it? Show me another please!

Michael W

Well I see God as anything he wants/needs to be



What? Me Worry?

No. God is definitely a turnip.

Jesus Fish

the chance for amino acids to come together in the right sequence, whether or not an asteroid hits earth, to form just one protein, is far less than 1 in 10^450. a living cell has at least 600 different proteins. also, a different subject, but about proteins, there is a certain protein in a cell which creates deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA). but this protein is only created at the order of the DNA. they had to have been created at the same time, in other words, Creation.


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