Could empathy be tester for telepathy?

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If we accept that verbal telepathy exists, then people that can send thoughts at distance could also lie as in ordinary conversation, but empathy, considered being lower level sensivity/animals are greatest empaths/could perhaps detect false in a telepath emission-is this in some logic?

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Whoa, slow down there. Who is saying that ‘verbal’ telepathy exists? Certainly no one has ever demonstrated such an ability. This guy will give them a million bucks for a demo like that.

Dave S

Telepathy is a “controversial” paranormal phenomenon, which differs in that empathy is based NOT upon the paranormal but upon sophisticated processing of what is seen and heard in the usual way.
Empathy is often characterized as the ability to “put oneself into another’s shoes”,

Peter D

We can’t accept that verbal telepathy exists because there is nothing to base this assumption on. No one has *ever* given any indication that they are capable of sending messages remotely.

A Near Life Experience

i’m not sure, but it’s interesting to note that people that are hypnotically induced fare better on ESP tests.


no, telepathy has nothing to do with empathy. Empathy is something that does exist. It is picking up on someones cues and taking those emotions, or symptoms into ones self by our human ability to imagine what its like in someone elses head.
Consider this, they say a 70% of fathers to be experience some of the pregnancy symptoms of thier spouce.
Telepathy involves much more than imagination, or does it?


I am not sure exactly what your saying but I will try to answer as bast as I can. I believe that we all use telepathy to communicate with others each day. I think much of the time neither the sender nor the receiver is aware of this. I feel this is because telepathy is rooted in the subconscious mind and are conscious mind might not always know what is happening. I don’t think you can lie because lying is a conscious effort to fool someone and the subconscious relays not what we might say consciously but what are deepest most primitive thoughts and feeling are. Animals are so good at this because they are not weighed down as much by the conscious mind. They work primarily with there subconscious. That’s why animals often know how you feel. They don’t try to guess how you feel by what you say. They go right to your subconscious and look at your primitive emotion. Even if you are cool as a cucumber out word your subconscious could tell a different story.

Young Uncle

I thought twins do that. They seem to know what the other is going to do or doing. Maybe scientists should do more research into this phenomena.


Most telepathic/ESP experiments do not test verbal acquisition of information. For instance the Ganzfeld (usually) uses cards with pictures upon them and the image is acquired by the receiver. There has been some findings that suggest that emotionally arousing pictures are easier for the receiver to tune into (or guess correctly at better than chance).
I don’t know if this emotional connection could somehow be used a lie detector.
Perhaps an ESP test just trying to determine the emotion (or emotional state) of the sender would be an interesting experiment.
Michael John Weaver, M.S.


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