Could controlled experiments prove that our consciousness could survive after our body have been destroyed? bo?

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I have recently been reading up on NDEs (near death experiences) and a lot of the accounts seem to be legit and in a lot of cases very similar so i ask you, Could controlled experiments prove that our consciousness could survive after our body have been destroyed?
I would say that i have a rational and logic way of thinking.

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In theory, experiments could provide data to support that conclusion.
Could they *prove* it? Not to an absolute certainty, although that goes for anything else in science.
There’s currently no compelling evidence to suggest any sort of afterlife.

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leading to one great universal consciousness…


Does anyone know someone that has come back from the dead? If not you are crap out of luck on proving that anything can survive after death.

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I’ve read up on NDE’s as well. Still not convinced. After all this time, the best we have is ancedotal. Yes, controlled experiments could be set up – and once they are and the data is in, I’ll reconsider. In the meantime, I’m going with “conciousness can’t exist apart from matter.”


Well I think when people die and they know and love Jesus. They can go to Heaven where they are made the sons of God, not angels. Humans can never be angels. I don’t think experiments could prove anything because all the things in that region are beyond the capability of science. If it could, then It would of been done a long time ago.

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Where does destroyed fit in controlled?

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To be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord.


NDEs are a result of massive DMT release by the brain. A chemical-induced experience resulting from physical trauma is not evidence of an afterlife.
Since consciousness as we understand it is a result of brain function, I’m not even sure what you mean by “survive after our [bodies] have been destroyed.” Perhaps neuron function can be mapped, quantified and copied, but the technology to do that does not exist, and even if it did we would still be dealing with known physical elements.


I have no doubt most of the “accounts” are “legit” — but that doesn’t mean they’re actual experiences. The whole point of such experiences is that they’re subjective, in-brain combinations of memory, external sensory input (picked up unconsciously in most cases), and hallucination/imagination. That the person gives an actual account of what they thought they saw/felt doesn’t mean what they saw/felt was real.
The first example on the page you link to is typical of the so-called “evidence.” They go to great lengths to show that the person who claimed to have the NDE was “brain dead” because of the flatline brain activity and lowered body temp, supposedly “proving” that the experience happened during no brain activity. What they ignore is that the process of lowering body temp (and bringing it back up) is very slow, not immediate — and that it’s not only possible but extremely likely that the supposed NDE happend during the drop-down/rise up period, when there WAS brain activity but no consciousness.
All of the evidence is anecdotal, and the conclusions are invalid (such as above). There is not a single case that an objective observer can point to and say, “Ah, this one is an actual out-of-body experience with no other explanation.” Until there is such a thing, the other more plausible explanations (with supporting evidence) are, well, more plausible.


Reconciling the “controlled” bit with the “destroyed” bit is going to be rather difficult. However, in principle it should be possible to construct such an experiment.
As far as I am aware, “consciousness” is simply the state of the brain. In which case, it could not survive destruction of the body. The reported similarities in NDEs are actually evidence *against* them being anything but guided hallucinations: most people are actually pretty unimaginative, even when given free rein.


Rationally speaking, consciousness cannot survive brain death since the brain is the seat of consciousness.


[…] Could controlled experiments prove that our consciousness could … I have recently been reading up on NDEs (near death experiences) and a lot of the accounts seem to be legit and in a lot of cases very similar so i ask you, […]


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