Home Discussion Forum could being quick to get hungry an early sign of pregnancy?

could being quick to get hungry an early sign of pregnancy?

I am 10 dpo and my temps are gradually rising staying above my coverline. The only other thing that could be causing this is that I just starting Kundalini yoga and there are a lot of breathing exercises that works on your metabolism and thyroid. After I eat a big dinner I’m starving when I’m in bed. When I wake up I don’t want any type of breakfast foods other than toast and oj. And after I eat a couple of hour later I’m starving. I never ever feel hungry! Did anyone else experience this?


  1. it could be the yoga .
    when i was very first pregnant and didn’t realise,, i completely lost my appetite, to be honest,, i was only starving during the second trimester, then you get so big you feel full with the baby. but good luck if you are pregnant.

  2. I did not have this. I would hesitate to say that this could be an early sign of pregnancy, but I hope that if you are ttc that you will get good news when you test to know for sure. Good luck!

  3. i wouldn’t say its a symptom of early pregnancy, but I’m just over 9 weeks and am starving all the time, but before i was pregnant i could go a whole day without eating not right i know but that’s how i was


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