Home Discussion Forum Could anyone tell me some real facts about reading aura's, please?

Could anyone tell me some real facts about reading aura's, please?

Could anyone tell me some real facts about reading aura’s, please?
I’m interesting in the topic of reading auras and think it is a very intriguing ability that anyone could be able to do.
I’ve learn little bits about it but I want some reassurance on all of its basics.
I also really want to learn about the whole DEATH thing when it comes to someone no longer having one but is still alive and living normally for the time being. what happens then? as I hear that sometime between it vanishing completely and the next week or so, that person will die at some point.
Thanks for any help
Yes; I understand that reading aura’s can be very personal if you read others without asking and thefore rude and the whole thing (esp the death bit) should be taken seriously and not played with.


  1. The previous answers are correct, it is just a fraud. That is really all you need to know. Also, there is no such thing as the Easter Bunny.

  2. If someone is offering to read your aura, it is because they have been able to read you as a gullible person.
    A request for money will follow like 2 goes into 4

  3. Yes. Here is some real facts:
    1) There is no such thing as an Aura.
    2) Anyone who believes in such gibberish is a moronic imbecile.
    3) You are correct. This sort of things should not be played with. So, if you see anyone preaching about being able to read auras report them as they clearly fraudsters that should be stopped.
    4) There is nothing more to learn about auras as, like I said in fact 1, there is no such thing.
    Hope this helps.

  4. the y can photograph aura’s with kirlian photography, and people learn to see them by staring through purple lenses i don’t know how you interpret them

  5. Dixie did you really think you would get a sensible answer to your question on this site ?.There are plenty of good books out there about auras.It is a gift to be able to see them though that you cannot pick up out of a book.
    You have aura till you die(though it may look dull if your ill).You have to study auras when you begin studying Reiki.Its a part of the treatment.With the use of meditation you can expand your aura,and there are different colours to your aura depending how you feel.


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