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Could anyone help with a particularly terrifying problem?

This may well be the most frightening post I’ve ever placed on any site at all, but I’d be grateful if anyone could offer any advice or help on a problem that is currently proving to be a very real source of terror to my sister.
As both my sister and her husband are of retirement age they now spend a lot of time at their caravan. This is situated in the hills on the edge of the town close to where she lives, and where they intend the most part of the Summer.
Last weekend, whilst laying in her bed at night, she suddenly felt a dreadful pressure and weight upon her chest, and felt unable to breathe because of the increasing discomfort of this very frightening experience. She felt unable to speak, or cry out to her husband, but is certain that she wasn’t dreaming and, apart from the fact that she was really quite tired, claims to have been very much awake with her eyes open wide.
She claims that she could then hear the ‘man’ breathing, and could actually feel the entities breath upon her face.
She then asked the ‘entity’ what it wanted, and it replied in a most disgusting manner and told her that it wanted to have sex with her — although not in quite as delicate terms as that…
I have read about the subject of an ‘incubus’ and a ‘succubus’ in the past, and this was suggest that it was one such frightening instance of this phenomenon, but am wondering now whether this is, in fact, an objective entity or merely some sort of figment of my sister’s mind.
She said that she asked ‘it’ who ‘it’ was, and it gave her a particular name — which meant absolutely nothing to her at all — and she then felt the ‘entity’ commit what can only be described as an act of rape on her, which left her feeling both immensely frightened as well as violated, and very, very fearful for the future should ‘it’ return.
As my sister is now in a state of extreme shock and terror, I would be most grateful if anyone could offer any advice as to what this might have been and what she might do in order to protect herself in the future.


  1. sleep paralysis
    For most healthy individuals, avoiding chronic sleep deprivation is enough to relieve symptoms. It is recommended that patients be evaluated for narcolepsy if symptoms persist.

  2. She needs Jesus and I mean that with the MOST respect!! Someone needs to help her learn who he is, and get the devil away from her!! Somehow he feels welcome there, and that is not the case!! I am SO sorry!!

  3. Sleep paralysis – where you feel unable to move at all. it is indeed very frightening, but also fairly common. Her experience WAS a dream, albeit a terrible one.

  4. Horrible – is it certain that she was not actually raped by someone that had entered the caravan?
    You are a great sister to seek answers for her.
    There may be a rational explanation – I am just not sure what that would be.

  5. its sleep paralysis i to have had a similar experience well sort of… i woke up couldn’t move and it felt like i was pinned to the bed and it was like i was watching it happen from the corner of the room .. to cut a long story short i went to my GP and they said it was sleep paralysis try and talk to her and get her to the doctor to sort it all out..good luck

  6. these filthy entities are a major problem to many and i have battled with thousands of discarnate trash…
    i deal with them on a daily basis ..
    do not ever doubt about the other side existing
    watch the film ghost with patrick swaze you will see more than you think
    a good spiritualist church can help as can a good medium
    protection —-prayer can help asking and calling upon the arch angel gabriel and other angels can help
    as can the sword of light
    this entity will surely reap the result of his actions and you may see him incarnated as a cripple or other such a mess….
    Spiritual matters
    What we are talking about here are called entities ie people, though that term is well to good for them a more accurate word would be scum — worse than animals who have passed to the other side of life.
    They lurk around the earth trying to blend their energies and influence your will to do and say all sorts of things.
    They probably see most people as chicken fodder — easy to influence and manipulate, they cause a lot of disputes between people and use people to have a go at others. To say unkind words, to slander ,to ridicule .Of course 99% of people do not know this is going on of course you can imagine the situation with people who are drunk intoxicated , that is why you will hear statements like he changes personality when drunk.etc.
    Not only do they blend thoughts words actions etc on the unaware , they also blend some of their despicable energies. This gives rise to a great many problems to many people , some sickness, irritability ,shakiness, or a feeling of dread , depression and many of the feelings that go with it are caused by these scum. Many of the list of disorders Like borderline personality disorder, Schitzotypal personality disorder, There are antisocial disorders, histrionic disorders and the list goes on and on
    Words fail to describe in detail the influences that these bring, they attempt to wreck your days wreck enjoyment and so on .
    IN fact if you ever feel out of sorts or are sensitive to know and feel who is with you it is probably because of these scum.
    When you being spoken to sometimes you will realise that the words are not coming from the person you see but from the person in spirit giving that influence-of course the person could be willing or perhaps has not developed enough control within himself to choose his words carefully.
    That is why the violet ray is so good as it can drive out these negative energies when applied to the spine which often results in an immediate effect on the person as the negative entities are driven out.
    The other tool which I use is the sword of light — used with the full force of your will .
    As you visualise this sword in your hand you use it with total conviction on any entity that attempts to blend their despicable energy with yours. These are called spiritual battles and are just as tiring.
    There are many many people on the other side of life who wish you well and bring lovely and beautiful energies, understanding help etc. These people have developed enough sensitivity to know which energies you need .Which you will like and blend with your soul and those energies which will clash with your soul .And I do mean clash to the extent that you could not stand for these people to be even in the room or any where near you.
    Thus it is hoped we choose our company very carefully, mindful of what we say and how we say it , careful of the actions we do , and much harder- learning to control the thoughts we have.
    Many times you will go to a place because it is uplifting you will feel the spirit of the place ,I realy think the spirit you feel is someone in spirit bringing that influence to you — or not as the case maybe which can be the case with someone who has depression —a lack of spiritual energies which they need .

  7. may we enquire where the husband was when this incident took place, if present, has he any recollection’s of this event or feelings of unnatural activity.

  8. i don’t profess to know enough about your sister’s medical or emotional history to offer good advice here. i can only offer a possible theory, and maybe an alternative course to follow instead of an unlikely otherworldly one.
    amnestic states, which i’ll detail further, can come from a variety of causes. they can be from over-medication, taking sleeping pills and not going to sleep right away or waking up abruptly while still in REM but the drug-induced (sleeping pill induced) state has the brain really confused, and several other factors including physical injury.
    that link above is to a site on the Amnestic Disorder. It is not amnesia, and i’m not suggesting that your sister has anything like that or simply saying she “imagined it” and meaning to be cruel.
    basically, in an amnestic state, the person can experience a “waking dream” and it is VERY real. they remember parts of what happened that are terrifying, but can’t “wake-up”.
    there is also a diagnostic term called Sleep Terror Disorder, which is another name for nightmare, but in the sense that someone in an amnestic state experiences it, everything is real.
    i suggest that your sister talk to a counselor who she can share this experience with. until then she will not be able to relieve herself of her anxiety and stress and will not be able to feel safe, no matter what.
    i wish her the best.
    EDIT: i agree with the others who have posted about sleep paralysis as well. search as much as you can about that subject as well, and PLEASE talk to your sister and have her see someone soon who can try and help her.

  9. Your sister had an episode of sleep paralysis. It can happen when a person is overly tired and sleep deprived. You wake up, unable to move and feeling very anxious, and think there’s someone or something in the room with you. Usually the presence is malevolent.
    Here’s what happens: When you dream, your brain sees to it that your body is paralyzed. This is so you don’t act out your dream and hurt yourself. But sometimes you wake up while you’re dreaming and your brain doesn’t realize it, so it doesn’t tell your body that it can move again. It just goes right on dreaming even though you’re awake. So there you are, awake, unable to move, seeing things from your dream, scared out of your mind.
    Advise your sister to make sure she doesn’t get too tired again. Pay attention to how much sleep she’s getting and make sure she gets enough. Also, she should make sure that she doesn’t sleep in a position that restricts her movements, like on a sofa or wrapped up tight in a blanket or sleeping bag.
    If she does wake up and find she can’t move, she should try not to panic. Instead, she should concentrate on just being able to blink or just moving her pinky finger. If she can get her body to move just a little, she’ll snap out of it. Also, check that she’s not taking a sleep aid of any kind, because this can bring on an episode.
    And while you’re at it, ask her to see a doctor. The symptoms you described could also have been a mild heart attack–the pain in her chest, feeling like she can’t breathe, etc.
    Don’t buy into that nonsense about a succubus. That was just what people thought before we knew what sleep paralysis was.

  10. omg this is awful! im so sorry to hear this!
    what an awful thing to go through!
    im a bit 50/50 on the subject as iv read previously about this and its been called ”night terrors” or ”sleep paralysis”
    but the other 50% of me actually belives that you need a PRIEST and some serious prayers!
    iv come over all tingly writing this because of the nature of it!
    i would contact the local priest and also speak to her GP about this!
    Good luck and i hope everything turns out for the best
    god bless!

  11. I believe she was attacked by an incubus.
    Sorry, I don’t know how to help her.
    I just wish I could get a succubus to come and visit me.


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