Home Discussion Forum Could anyone do a tarot reading for me?

Could anyone do a tarot reading for me?

I am very interested, and ive heard you can do it online .
so do you have Aim or some sort of a messenger? or email 🙂 thank you!


  1. Tarot card reading doesn’t work. But you can ask God your question through prayer since He is the only one who knows the future.

  2. Tarot cards are almost 500 years old. They were used and are still used as a tool of divination. It is very popular in the western culture.
    The aquatic tarot card symbolizes the Rider Waite. It is one of the most beautiful decks because it is water colored with images of the past.
    The tarot card decks are liberal. They cater to different needs of people. There are cards for the imaginative mind too. The cat people tarot is for the person who loves to dwell in his dreams.

  3. You can get tarot readings online several different ways. There are paid sites, you can also go to a tarot forum and ask if someone there would do a reading for you. If you like, I would be happy to do a simple reading for you. If you can give me a question or some idea of the situation you have a question about that’s great but if you don’t feel comfortable doing that, that’s fine too I can just do a general snapshot and see where it goes. It does help to have a little to go on, if you could tell me your astrological sign or favorite number I’ll start from there.


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