Could anyone do a tarot or psychic reading for me?

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I’m looking for someone to do a tarot or psychic reading for me. If you could help me out, please contact me via AIM (TheLoveJello) or e-mail ( Thanks.

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Psychology vs Astrology: The Truth Hurts

You just gave out your email, so a “Psychic” can put your email address into Google and find out things about you and pretend to be a “Psychic”.
For example,
– You’re an Artist or you work in Art Supplies.
– You live in the USA
1) They work better in real life.
2) You need to shuffle them to get the essence of you and ask them what you want, how you feel, what’s troubling you, etc
3) The Tarot Card Reader will just tell you what you want to hear.
I would personally buy Tarot Cards for a friend, if you buy them for yourself, they don’t work, so buy them for a friend and play with them together to learn. I find Titania Hardie’s Fortune Cards fun and girly:…
There is no such thing as someone who is Psychic, because with the most minimal training and the right set of buzzwords, anyone can appear to be Psychic. You see, just by asking very general questions that would apply to most people, a person can appear to have inside knowledge about you. But you’re right, Psychics are lifesavers; they give you the confidence to live your life knowing you’re making the right choices. And, wow, they do all this for free? No, they charge you. Well, that’s weird. Why would you pay them to hear things you want to hear?

Justin Williams

I could,
but its important to remember that tarot cards aren’t just a divination tool, in fact divination isn’t even the main purpose of the cards. before Aurthur Waite it is unlikely that a deck was designed specifically for spiritual purposes (although some people began using the cards in this fashion before the waite deck).
another name for the tarot is “the book of thoth”, Thoth is the egyptian equivalent to Hermes, they are gods of wisdom. Waite had this in mind since he was a member of the “Golden Dawn” which was the grandfather of most commonly known 20th and 21st century religions such as New Age, Wicca, Neo-Paganism, Scientology, etc…
anyway if you would like you can e-mail me at with the following information.
day, place, and time of birth (so I can do an astrology chart)
your question or choose from a catergory (romance, material, spritual, or socail)
your full name with vowels removed and scrambled
(example: John Tucker Smith
remove vowels:O U E I
scramble: RTJSMHKCN every letter only once
send the scrambled part)
this will allow me to build you a sigil and talisman, I will use it for the reading, send you a copy and distroy the one I have.
I promise not to google your information, and this reading will be free. I do not charge money for this kind of stuff though I don’t judge people who do.
hopfully i can help you 😀

succesful D

I have been doing reading for over 17 years. Right now am offering small free readings to the people who join my group.


Try the web sites below, they do free readings:-
(forum and chat rooms, look at the calender as they also do free psychic mediumship reading/classes)
(go into all rooms, religion and spirituality and then click either metaphysical or spirituality and see what rooms are open)
Lots of Love
Misscpb xxx


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