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could any one tell me what is the difference between consciousness and awareness?

I mean how can one difine awareness.
thank you mike sir
it is great explanation I have ever heard please mr. mike give more general examples ,


  1. I know alot of people who are conscience but not aware of whats going on around them.
    Otherwise you can be in a “conscience” state or awake but not “aware” of whats going on spiritual or naturally.
    ever hear can’t see the forest for the trees.

  2. At the extremes, awareness is the body reacting to the environment including noises while consciousness is being mentally functioning. A person who has been in a coma and showing no signs of response to sounds or light might be said to have become aware if it is noted that pulse rate changes on hearing some voices or breathing rate changes with food smells or muscles twitch with pin pricks.
    Consciousness would be the next step up and even if a person is paralyzed so the nervous/motor functions are not working, eye movements might change in response to questions, some muscles might tense, breathing rate might pause and start again under control.
    At a less extreme level, I think they come closer together but I would say that awareness involves sensory reaction while consciousness involves thinking of consequences or reactions – I can be aware of smoke but conscious that it means burning requiring action.

  3. Conciousness defines the condition in relation to a standard of concience.
    Awarnes is the notion of being awake. That’s my opinion, anyway.


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