Could A Tachyon Out-Run the Pull of a Black Hole?

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could a faster than light particle – a tachyon, escape the pull of a black hole?
what would the escape velocity be to avoid the pull of a black hole? would a tachyon achieve it? how much faster than light does a tachyon travel?
and believe it or not, i have just contacted Stephen Hawkings himself for an answer! ill keep you posted : )

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I dont know if that is answerable. We know light can’t escape the pull of a black hole, but……. whatever….. Just ask Steven Hawking


As a tachyon has negative mass, I would bet that it is repelled by a black hole anyway….


First of all tachyons have never been shown to exist, they are just theoretical entities. What Einstein said was essentially that if you are traveling slower than light then you can never go light speed (us), if you travel at light speed then you can never slow down or speed up (light and EM radiation) and if you travel faster than light then you can never slow down. Thus a tachyon would have and will always travel faster than light. As for what negative mass means, I have no idea


The idea of a tachyon died about 10 years ago.


Assuming your hypothetical particle to exist, then sure, why not… Every blackhole has an event horizon; a point where the escape velocity equals the speed of light…
To visualise this you might want to imagine the black-hole as a vortex. The closer you get to the centre, the steeper the gradient (slope) of the ground beneath your feet. As the gradient steepens, you need more energy to escape falling into the vortex. At some point the gradient becomes so steep that not even light can escape – this is the event horizon.
For a hypothetical tachyon, it would experience an event horizon closer to the ‘hole’, how close would depend on the tachyon’s velocity. That being the case, a tachyon could escape from just inside the event horizon as percieved by light.
Now… Einstein’s theory of relativity predicts there cannot be anything with a velocity greater than light. String and M-theory appears to allow them though, mostly as quantum mechanical effects. Until someone has developed a working theory that unifies Quantum Mechanics and General Relativity, the existence of tachyons and their velocities remains unknown.
Even if tachyons existed, how would you observe them? People generally use light to observe things (be it X-rays, visible light, radio, or whatever). Light would never catch up with a tachyon moving away from you, yet would overtake any light if it were moving towards you… I guess the answer would be through a type of Kerenkov Radiation as the Tachyon interacts with the vacuum of space. So far as I know, no such interactions have been observed.


I seem to remember it being suggested recently that blackholes emit a constant stream of gamma radiation, which kind of spoils their ‘all consuming monster’ image, a bit.


“Therefore, it (tachyon) can never slow to light speed or below. Today, in the framework of quantum field theory, tachyons are understood to signify an instability of the system, rather than a real particle, thus preserving the basic tenets of causality in special relativity and preventing information from moving faster than light. Therefore, according to the present understanding of physics, tachyon particles cannot exist.”


The two can’t exist in the same universe.


In according to mistofolese, Light can go slower than the speed of light, and does consistently. Thus, Einsteins theory is partially (If not fully) incorrect. I think that tachyons would exist, as per quantum physics, in any point in space, while completely ignoring time cones. This would enable you to go at or above the speed of light as light follows the time cones (Light cones), if you step out of time.


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