Home Discussion Forum could a shaman reverse the spell of a witch?

could a shaman reverse the spell of a witch?

i’m writing a childrens book.


  1. Anyone could work to reverse energy work done against the will by a third party if there was need enough.
    Hasn’t come up in any children’s literature I’ve ever seen tho.

  2. Why not? In many beliefs, none (except God (or a god)) is greater than a Shaman.
    Good luck with your write!
    The Ol’ Sasquatch Ãœ

  3. If wise enough, a troubadour or bard can undo that which has been done by Magick without good intent. A song or a poem that twists the spell to good or completes its puzzle without harm can be its ending.–for every spell has an inherent puzzle.

  4. You’re writing a children’s book in which a witch puts a spell on someone and a shaman reverses it? Really? I don’t believe you.
    Please don’t write of magick in the harmful/ helpful way as far as children are concerned with stereotypes of Good & Evil and naming any Way exclusively good or evil… might hurt kid’s understanding of religions/ practices.
    My personal opinion

  5. Yes, a shaman can be just as powerful if not more powerful than a witch. Shamans usually work with animal spirits/totems. Have fun writing your book!!

  6. From an author’s point of view, I’d say you can make this true if you work it into the fabric of the world you create. All fantasy stories exist within a created world. If you make it so, it is so.
    Writing is its own form of witchcraft!

  7. Any spellcaster can undo the spell of any other, if they have sufficient ability to figure out the original spell. If your interested the categorys of spellcasters are as follows
    Wiches and Warlocks-mostly deal with potions and spells that follow a “recipie”
    Shamans-deal with the spirits of natural places.
    Enchanters and Enchantresses-magic that effects humans, and the way they think
    Sorcerers and Sorceresses-Illusion magic
    Necromancers-The spirits of the dead.
    Seers-Scrying, Fortune telling, Farseeing
    Mages-(this is what I am) the manipulation of energy to effect changes in the pattern of life
    Wizards- (very rare)real, tangable observable physical effects ie. calling lightning


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