Could a robot with artificial intelligence have an afterlife?





Aren’t we like flesh robots anyway? In other words, is it our consciousness that gives us the license towards the afterlife or is it our flesh? If humans and animals are imagined to have an afterlife, can electronics have an afterlife?
Perhaps an artificially intelligent machine could upon death turn itself into an invisible immaterial substance, like a soul, when it is finally unplugged or destroyed?


  1. Hi from France ♫
    Only if a computing person restores it and change the parts which are damaged / destroyed or too old…
    Have a great day,

  2. Actually, if you want to go into afterlife stuff, then you must accept the existence of a god. Artificial intelligence is created by humans whereas humans were created by this god. Gods have supreme powers, and can instill a soul into humans. Humans have no such powers, therefore there is no way a machine could go to the afterlife.

  3. Several movies have asked this very question, it is thought provoking. In the future it might be an issue especially the hybride biologic/mechanic types.

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