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Cosmic Question~~What thinkest thou? :-)?

After just reading this in a book, I’m curious how many here believe it correct. If you believe it possible and happening, do you do all you can to help it come to fruition? What measures will facilitate apprehension?
“The goal ahead is the consciousness of non-separateness, and the recognition of a universal inclusiveness; the secondary goal is the ability to reveal the nature of that reality, Unity; the third goal is the ability to take those measures in the three worlds, which will facilitate mankind’s apprehension of these fundamentals.”


  1. Yes God is one with Many Names forms qualities and pass times.He is unlimited and has no religious designation. When one is able to accept that Your God is My God and we are all related spiritually as brothers and sisters we can have peace. I feel your question can be asked in a more basic way for the common people not just scholars and big thinkers. It is actually a basic question. Hallelujahs, Hare Krishna, Allah Akbar God is one. Krishna, Allah, Jehovah, Vishnu, Rama etc. Different names for the same one true God. Universal Love of God and World Peace

  2. Does this take into account that good and evil exist in the universe? You might say that evil is selfishness, but just recognizing that, does nothing to eradicate it. From where will the power to eliminate evil come from?

  3. I am a Sufi student….
    I follow a long linage of teachers…….
    The earliest of these teachers to my recollection is Hazrat Shaikh Muhyuddin Abdul Qadir Gilani (May Gods peace, Blessings and Mercy be upon him.)
    There is a process called “Zikr”, (The remembrance of God), that will facilitate apprehension of understanding the three worlds (The Creation, This World, and The Next World), within your question. Basically the three worlds are, The One before, the world of the souls, and the one to come.
    Unity and oneness is within mans grasp!
    Salaams to the questioner.

  4. Yes, I agree with all three points, except that I think the third point should be the second one.
    First we realise everything and everyone is connected.
    Second we take measures to become “One”… we live so as not to hurt other people…. or to hurt the underlying energy connection. Basically, this means becoming loving.
    Third we “reveal the nature of that reality” by interaction with other people…. thereby “facilitating mankind’s [understanding]” of the truth of non-separateness.
    I’m not sure what “the three worlds” refers to, however.
    Peace and Love.

  5. We’re doing it, sweetie….
    Tagged by the cosmic task force for the spreading of
    ((((((((((Unity of Consciousness))))))))))

  6. Hmmmm, Cosmic Wannabe ?
    I’m a Cosmic Wannabe, in fact, I would hazard a guess that all of us are ‘Cosmic Wannabe’s’ at heart ! ;-)))
    Here we sit in this world so full of wonder and beauty, yet all around us there is misery and suffering. Watch a sunset over the ocean, listening to Enya’s ‘On your shore’, sipping a glass ( or cuo ) of your favourite tipple, and ‘feeling’ all of your ‘energy’ in tune with the ‘Omniverse’. Then wake up the next morning, turn on CNN and watch the latest batch of ‘victims’ of all the fear, hate and greed in the world !
    I’m sorry …. I try not to dwell on the ‘negative’, because I ‘know’ something ….. I may, or may not, ‘know’ much, but I really ‘KNOW’ this. Our focus is our ‘reality’, this is not just some cute set of words made up to sound ‘profound’, some ‘instant guruism’, this is ‘Absolute Cosmic Truth’, what the Rishis would have called ‘Vidya’.
    What, and how, we put our attention on is what we will create within our ‘feeling’ centres, and what we ‘feel’ is how we experience this amazing thing called ‘Life’. At energetic level, the one within which this physical ‘reality’ is enfolded, all data is transmitted by the ‘feeling emotional energy’. A good friend of mine made a word play out of it, which several have takenn up, emotion is e-motion, as we all know E = Energy in physics, thus emotion is ‘energy in motion’.
    What does all of this have to do with the original question ?
    Well, the passage that my cosmic sister ( all of you reading this that are equipped with the miraculous form of the ‘Goddess’ are my sisters, and all the rest with the dangly bits are my brothers ) quoted is trying to explain that the horrors of the ‘negative’ that we do see all around us in this realm are not going to last for ‘ever’. There is an ‘expiry date’ on all that garbage, we do not need to have starving babies in Africa, or children born with HIV in India, daughters being drowned shortly after birth in China, young girls being sold into myriad forms of slavery all over the world …. we simply have no excuse for allowing these things to continue.
    All of these things are the result of ‘Fear’, that emotion that allows us to forget who we really are, that we are ‘Divine’, that we are ‘The Divine’ in physical form, all you Bible-thumpers in the ‘chorus’, why do you deny the few words of truth in that collection of Human Expression. We are ‘God’ in human form, it says so, in fact any of the great ‘Teachers’ of all time, were trying to say the same thing, only their all too human followers twisted their words around to make them the cause of more fear and hate.
    Being ‘God’ in human form means that we are the ‘Creator’, each and every one of us is contributing to this ‘reality’, with all of it’s splendour …. and all of it’s squalor …. and all of it’s horror. That includes me, and, my friend, that includes you.
    What the words quoted above mean is that when we finally wake up out of this self-imposed dream ( for some it would be more appropriate to call it a nightmare ), and remember who we really are, then we will be able to dispel the myth of ‘Separation’, real-ise Unity, and end the ‘fear’ that has caused to behave this way for so long.
    All that is undesirable in the world is as a result of someone’s fear, and by ending all fear we will terminate all that is undesirable.
    All we have to do is to pass on the word, wake each other up, take responsibility, remember that old question, supposely asked by ‘God’ of Cain ? “Am I my brother’s keeper ?”
    Yes, brothers and sisters, we are each other’s ‘keepers’, and every one of you who is experiencing suffering has the right to expect a brotherly or sisterly ‘arm’ to lean on, once in a while. And all those of us who have an ‘arm’ free should offer it freely to whosoever we see that is in need of such an ‘arm’.
    And by our ‘beingness’ we will achieve the Unity of the ‘One’.
    {{{{{{{{{{{{{{{Cosmic Unity}}}}}}}}}}}}

  7. I am humbled by the wealth of wisdom this question elicited. A great question brought great responses. Thank you.
    Peace and Love

  8. Sounds right to me, CK. 🙂
    Well said.
    I don’t think it’s the easiest thing on Earth, though. (May be just me). 🙂
    May All Beings be Well & Happy.
    Regards & Best Wishes.
    A. R.

  9. I propose that the accomplishment of these, which are indeed in process, will not occur till a fourth step is “created”.
    The reason this is true is simply this. Life is a game, and in fact the Object of life is
    to have a game.
    We will never reach the final objective because that would be the end of the game and as we all “know” the game is couched in eternity. Hence the requirement of a world that comes After the world to come.
    Plus it is my learned opinion that doing this will also accelerate the progress that is occurring, because all levels of awareness will feel the freeing to finish or at least progress if the sense of “the end” is not there.


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