Cosmic Consciousness?

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What is it exactly?
Do you have any links to good resources?
Thank You!

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Pure Star

All thought is an energy wave. These energy waves converge creating the Cosmic Consiousness. So the more positive thoughts the more the Cosmic Consciousness will be positive.

Dr T

,it is like a giant brain and we will be like one brain cell when we return. all our knowledge becoming part of the whole and the knowledge of the whole will be part of you. you will know all and be all while still retaining a sense of self. i know three ways to get there – concentration (the state of Nirvana) ,chemicals and death.


That is the new age name for Carl Jung’s idea of a “collective consciousness”. Which is simply what society as a whole thinks.

Happy Hiram

It is a drug induced cliche.


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Does Tantra work if done on people living in far-off places?

Question for those who believe in reincarnation?

When you die and start your next lifetime, would you start off as a baby at birth?

spiritual theory?

id heard people are supposed to kill there ego, so i tried, but it lead me to this theory, the ego only wants materialistic things,...

how can I do the astral projection?

i'd like to now how to do the astral projection, is there a way to do that easily?

How do I communicate with mental telepathy?

I want my friend to sign on AIM so I want to tell him with mental telepathy. Any suggestions on how to do this?
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