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Controlling Chakra Like Naruto!?

HI ,,,
My name is attis and all you ppl that watch naruto or know about chakra i want you to know that chakra is real and i think it can be used just like naruto..
but you need alot of energy,patient,and time…
1-go somewhere where you can concentrate and think about your throuth chakra..
thing that you are making the energy go to your hand or your feet …
if your hand it can be used to heal ..
i want to REALLY concentrate and try to balance my chakra and control it and try to do what naruto does..
i know it’s just an ANIME,but it’s true…
so please if you agree with me please comment
what do u think


  1. i dont believe u can actually control things and stuff but like direct energy in body maybe but it will put a strain on it

    • i know it can because I practice it everyday it can also be used to control elements to an extent but Im not saying you can create it out of nothing it takes time Ive been working with my chakras from the age of 8 and I meditate everyday for 5 hours on how to get better alot of it is feeling and understanding how the energy for other elements move and flow and matching yours to it but like I said it takes alot of time and effort to learn

  2. lol Darth XD
    Yes, I made a Raidori once [Rasengan and Chidori Combined] during the winter lmao

  3. chakra is real but to control it go to India or Japan
    you can learn in India or Japan.
    Although chakra is a Hindi word and comes from India,go all the way to Japan and adopted by Japanese later know used by Ninja

  4. You have Chakra but its not what your thinking
    there are 8 chakra points in your body from the top of the head, third eye, down to the butt-hole.
    Notice how you are sitting and if your doing something like the SAT and your wanting to succeed your butt goes numb?
    its the 1st chakra telling you “Your as$ is on the line”

  5. watchin a lil to much naruto there arnt ya just take the cp turn it off and go out side AND FRIGGIN SMELL THE COFFE ARE U SERION CHAKRA ITS A DAM GOOD SHBOW BUT CHAKRA?!?!??!?!?!

  6. chakra is real, yes (its part of either the hindu or buddhist religion if i remember well) but you cant do things like kagemane no jutsu

  7. PEOPLE LISTIN IT IS REAL, YOU JUST CANT USE IT TO MAKE JUTSUS AND STUFF DONT MAKE FUN OF HIM HES RIGHT AND IT MAY BE PAUSIBBLE. maybe if we access 100 percent of our brain instead of only twenty, it may be pausibble

  8. I love how people here are saying they can use chakra
    when they can’t even spell correctly…
    Alright lemme clear this up
    1. Using chakra is a form of meditation which originated from India
    2. Chakra is used only to put yourself at peace (No, not death..)
    3. It takes months-years if dedication if you want to master all of your chakras (takes a long time, but the calmness within yourself is worth it…or so I’ve heard…)
    4. I’m gonna say this again:
    And finally here’s the link where you can learn how to control your real chakras:

  9. well i don’t believe in all these chakra (as they use it in NARUTO)and all!(but in Buddhist teachings its something else)! cuz’ NARUTO’s only an anime!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. ive accessed these chakra points they are almost precisely alike with how the show depicts theym i am actually running up and watching the show now becuz i understand its spiritual importance most importantly the twelve different zodiac hand gestures they use to perform their whatever u wanna call it they most likely have significant meaning with the twelve chakra system one being linked dirrectly to another dont believe me if u dont want to i laugh all day long either way

  11. Okay ,Today I am trying to unleashed Chakra like Naruto and I think it’s true that we can controled it becaused I used to have one chakra that was so powerful that I have to closed it that is my throat chakra that know.Is Closed there might be an easier way to do so like say you can take goals.But my worndised that I’m might become uncontrolledable like others that donit believed in this I just think that they are just jealious or not even trying .There is a type of chakra you may or may not do but you have to find out by you’er self …(And I Trueliy believed that we can do this but it cans time!!:)

  12. naruto and real life chakras is alike cause in my back yard i ran up it but u have to practice mixing stamina and chakra

  13. Well, almost everyone that knows a lot about chakra in reality thinks it’s completely different than the chakra in Naruto.
    But what if there was a way to make it slightly relate to the show?
    I mean, even real chakra is systematical. Maybe activating it in a different order, or controlling it to a certain area and point.
    Just think deep. If chakra itself exists, what are the possibilities of all the other supernatural things to exist? Such as god for instance. If such things.. such power exists.. then why not rasengan? To those that actually know how chakra works, try mess around and do some research.
    You just might find a way..

  14. Try finding a way to connect your chakra with certain entities or somewhat. Maybe obtain energy from around you.
    Start with an area with plenty of water, like a beach.
    Then use a Zodiac that is aqua related. Use the hand gesture. Focus, and find it.
    Anyways, if someone reads both of my comments, and ever comes by some new discovery.. Reveal it to the world. No matter how many people don’t believe you, just keep trying.

  15. the chackra from naruto is real just like the enery in dragon ball z i’ve done both it is dificalt at first like all thing as for an exsamle weight training at first you have low strenth, stamina, enderance, ect.. you can do it it just take’s time and perseverance and knowing some one that can already do it make’s it alot easier because of their exsperiance in doing so. The more you know about it the better your chance’s on learning how to do it effectively and having a friend with you to talk to about it can be benifital as well and could even sped up the time it take’s to learn it. When you learn how to do this never abuse it or mistreat it be wise in your actions once you have it because there are people that will be far beyond your level and exsperiance so be careful and dont push your luck with them and no i’m not bluffing you are now informed and forwarned.

  16. People search up KI/CHI Energy. That’s from DBZ and if you master your ki energy, you could make a ki just like Naruto’s Rasengan. It’s really cool! There’s videos of it on Youtube and there’s how to’s on websites and on utube. So Search it up!


  18. just so you know, even if you can use chakera, you need to be at a high physical an mental condition in order to properly use it.

  19. When I focus my chakra I imagine something like a blue flame coming from my hands or feet, then where I am focusing my chakra tingles. It did this the first time the tried, am I lucky or just a natural?

  20. I believe it can be done. We have thousands of chakras in our body. But only 7 main ones. What if we could awaken all the other chakras. ITS POSSBILE

  21. Okay doing stuff like Naruto is not real okay?….the show Naruto, the chakra is exaggerated…and not real…no you cannot heal with your hand..now…you can focus your chi to make your punches stronger…but you will not be able to perform different techniques like Naruto…grow up and face the facts

  22. it is possible but with years of practise.there is a some sort of temple where you go and there is 12 mental levels at the 5th your soul and body divide and then you awokened your chakras at the 12th you become half god and can control time and space but allmost everyone neither dies or fails and yeah you have only one try at the 10 and further levels but no one managed to get to the 11th level so noone has becomed half god

  23. Yes I know and bad the way my real name is Naruto! And Can you answer me?! I am not felling good sometimes or I am felling Hangry! And one day I just see Naruto The Anime then I look i and I believe in myself! And I just did the Rasengan after 10 weeks of training!

  24. I think its so possible. I believe that ninjutsu ninja techni.. is real Or genjutsu. I dont care that there is 7 chakra or something else, i just care to control and manipulate chakra to create jutsu. When i see poeple they look so pathetic, they just live like pathetics. I wana be more than human…. Thats my goal in life… I cant be just ordinary human its so ….

  25. Perhaps It is possible to perform Jutsu like in Naruto. But as far as history knows, there is no one that can actually perform jutstu, such as Chidori, Rasengan, Rasenshuriken, etc. But who knows? I myself want o beleive it true, but the truth is the truth. Jutsus cannot be performed… 🙁

  26. I believe in it, that is why I want to be different from any one else. I want to change this world into a better place. I want to be able to perform jutsu’s and to never give up.

  27. Naruto you’re such a loser, I am Sasuke Uchiha, the last living Aire of the Uchiha clan. …besides my brother, whom I’m going to kill, no matter what it takes. Naruto don’t you got training to do.

    • i believe it it happen once to me i was sitting outside practicing my flip and went to run up the tree and stuck went half way up just like naruto in episode 17


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