Contacted by Extraterritorial life while Zen Meditating?

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I was asked by yahoo answers posting to say what they told me :
That they were at million years away from our solar system a planet called Graniostas
they are not living physically anymore due to physical genes issues , they live in some type
cosmic live (without body).They don’t know earth(except distance) and asked me details about our world. They seems friendly and pacific and said they will contact me again. I am been practicing Zen Meditation for a while that’s the first time I have been contacted by another Alien dimension.
PS: I practice Zen Meditation therefore I always keep my eyes semi-open so I did not sleep , it was not a dream.

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You are wrong. You were never contacted by extraterrestrials. I do not now what you were experiencing, but it was not alien contact.


You have a very active imagination while meditating. The next time they contact you, post back and actually ask a question this time.


You need at LEAST one of the following:
1) your meds
2) a slap on the back of the head for wasting our time reading your question.

Leon B

You mean extraterrestrial, not extraterritorial.
The mind can conjure up a lot of things when it’s in an altered state, as you probably were during meditation. What you experienced wasn’t real. But, what the hey, go with it–if you hear from them again, ask them questions back. Ask them about what’s orbiting nearby stars such as Alpha Centauri and Barnard’s Star. The answers should be interesting, if nothing else.
And if somehow these things actually are for real, the answers they give will be enlightening, and borne out when we send a probe to a nearby star sometime in the next couple centuries.


You have a big imagination. This never really happened. Do you expect anyone to believe this absurd tale? The category is Astronomy, not Mythology. What do you mean by “a million years away”? Years is time, not distance. If you mean “light years”, they could not possibly contact you.


it,s about time Roland you were contacted , now tell these ET,s without physical bodies they can travel instantly anywhere they want , i believe your referring to a million light years , pretty far out there but not for highly advanced beings , by the way friendly is a good character trait , so invite them to earth .

Bob D

If you are not pulling every ones leg, your experience could have been a true phenomenon. There exist classified technology that can create the effect you describe and this technology is capable of far, far more.
If that is the case, and I hope for your sake it isn’t, the projected effect you experienced could be a first indicator that you are in for a difficult time ahead.
This is just some “related” unclassified technology:
See: AudioSpotLight
Through the wall
Human Auditory Perception of Pulsed Radio Frequency Energy
Motorola Florida Research Laboratories


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