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Contacted by an alien life during a zen meditation session?

I asked about space travel & was told that it involves only the mind. All you ned is to concentrate(with your eyes open) on a galaxy on planet(while meditating) and it is possible. They were surprised that we had never use this technology. The rule as they said is :
the universe is all connected and our brain & mind have no barrier or time/space issues to travel to the deepest dimensions. It requires concentration , I just did with the moon and it is like I was there myself!!!
Zen Mediation you don’t dream , your eyes are open toward the planet and all you do is concentrate by counting your in&out breaths and suddenly you travel while you are concentrated enough. It is not a dream, it is real! Just try it guys , it works!


  1. That is called “remote viewing”, word search it if you have not already. I think you will be interested in the info you find.

  2. hmmm…..interesting concept…..but ungrounded, and highly doubtful. Sometimes in deep trances…one can have a dreamlike experience….doesn’t make it at all true….could just be a subconscious hallucination, based on pre-known anomalies.


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