Considering Buddhism, Hinduism, the NewAge movement, etc, what is the % of people who believe in reincarnation?

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Does it seem that the belief in reincarnation is becoming more widespread lately? What do you think?

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I think it is increasing, but it seems to be a minority belief in R&S.



Hall of Skulls 7

I believe in reincarnation.


27% of Americans.

Gorgeoustxwoman ~P3D~

I believe in it because it makes sense to me.
I would still guess that the precentage of people who believe is still relatively small.
The ignorant fundies deny it completely despite the fact that Jesus refers to it in the buy-bull.

death before birth

not much people believe in reincarnation most of people only from hinduism and buddhism believe in it and i m one of them. i think in world only 2% people believe in it

Lori J

Yes I absolutely believe in reincarnation. I am of the Wicca faith, as part of our faith we believe that a person goes through many carnations, and between these carnations we go to a place called Summerland.


Yes, it’s increasing… is my personnal answer, based on my relations circle.
I have no idea though about the percentage, and I do believe that it does not get the 100% not even among the de-incarneted.


I have witnessed things that seem to verify it.


I think we squash all talk of it when children are young. How many people have had a young child who said something surprising, like “I used to be a soldier,” or “I used to have a beautiful horse.” The minute a parent in America hears a strange statement like that, the child is immediately told to stop saying it.
Yet through my years I have heard things like that. The parents either laugh it off or are horrified. In countries where reincarnation is believed, a child would not be prevented from telling people anything he could remember from a past life.

Holistic Mystic

Reincarnation has always been the majority belief on the planet, most religions believe in it including parts of Christianity, Judaism and Islam. It’s only in the last couple of centuries that non-belief in reincarnation has become almost as popular as belief in reincarnation. Most people don’t realise its popularity because the media, books and films are mostly written by people who subscribe to the conventional views of white “Christian” society, such as that there is no reincarnation. The truth is that Jesus believed in reincarnation, he said that John the Baptist was Elijah who was to come again.


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