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Consciousness thought experiment tell me what do you think?

If I were to make an exact replica of me and that replica shared all my exact experiences would I experience consciousness simultaneously from both bodies or would there still be two distinct forms of consciousness?
Is an individual more then the sum of its parts or are we all just the result of determinism.
What say you all?


  1. I think in order for your replica to have the exact same experiences, he/she would have to occupy the exact same space and time that you do. Unless there are two bodies within your visible body, it really wouldn’t work.

  2. On one level, there would be two consciousnesses. On another, there would only be one because the collective unconscious literally exists beyond ego defence mechanisms, and exists in any case.

  3. As an “exact replica” would have “atoms,” it would not be occupying your atomic space…hence, would not be “sharing your exact experiences.”
    Your “friend” would be somewhat different in awareness; no “two” are ever exactly the same.
    An individual would then not be “more than the sum of its parts.”
    A false dilemma: “sharing consciousness” vs. determinism. Both occur in materialism, in varying proportions.
    A third axis is the vertical or spiralic energy rising unto One Mind Soul-realization and -individuation. “Climb the Highest Mountain,” Mark Prophet, and “Men in White Apparel,” Ann Ree Colton, would be informative.

  4. As has previously been mentioned, you can’t have the same experience becase that would require the two individuals to be in the same spot in space and time. If you overcome this technicality by assuming that your replica is in a realistic simulator in which the replica goes through any experience that you do, then I believe that you would have a seperate consciousness from your replica, but your conscious would be exactly the same as that of your replica. We are all just a result of determinism. There’d be two of the same consciousness, but you wouldn’t be aware of the other consciousness which is the same as yours.

  5. Above: cowardly self-justification. End of experiment = beginning of experience. Choosing between two mindless alternatives is another sign of the soul’s retardation, which you are unsuccessfully attempting to inculcate. I say that you will continue with your [disgraceful] examples.

  6. I would say that if you were more than the sum of your parts than an exact replica would also be more than the sum of his parts.
    Which one would be “you” or if both would be “you” is curious.
    If you were to make an exact replica of your parts and dumped memory into it then the issue is is there anything more to us than thought and our material selfes.
    I do not believe that having an element of mind that is metaphysical necessarily gives it a nature that is beyond a cause and effect property. In the metaphysical there still may be a set law of “physics” governing it’s outcome.
    Neither do i believe that if there is no law governing an element of us that it some how makes us more that being a cause and effect organism with determined outcomes. If we operate without cause and effect than our decisions have an element of randomeness.
    The choice seems to be are our choices random or are they determined by cause and effect?

  7. You would still be individual. It seems personal interpretation of all experiences is more vital than the actual experience.


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