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Consciousness must come first then the brain?

Some scientists who study the human brain and consciousness are saying that it HAS to be this way. Would this prove we have a spirit as well as a body?
I did not get this information from a website.
I received this information from a radio talk show, online but no website. The scientists discussed would not be mainstream scientists … I believe this to be very true.


  1. what are your sources because I think you just made it or misunderstanding about neurology and the consciousness.
    The conscious is following quantum mechanics and the body. Today philosophers and scientists are leaning towards away from dualism.

  2. Not sure if this is true as I have come across some damaged individuals with impaired consciousness. However, if we were all standing before God there would still be some who would not believe. So its a pointless argument.

  3. That is obviously so wrong, first existence then essence.
    Consciousness cannot exist without brain cells, it is a chemical / electrical process, and has nothing to do with ghosts and souls and all that primitive thinking.

  4. Whenever I read the words “some scientists” or “scientists say” I immediately know that what follows is BS.
    I work with scientists who study the brain and consciousness and they would laugh at this statement. So tell us – which scientists?


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