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Consciousness is the only phenomena that can give validity to the universe. True,False, Why?

The universe is only a state of consciousness.


  1. The Universe is 3,000,000,000,000 time more significant then something as minuscule as human consciousness.
    The Universe was here before us and the way things are looking it will most certainly out live us.

  2. agree because consciousness essentially encompasses everything that it is to be alive and to think and to simply be.
    all thoughts and feelings flow from consciousness so it is the only thing that can give validity to our existence and subsequently to the ability of us to recognize the universes existence

  3. True. Consciousness is the essence of the macro-cosmos, the universe, and the micro-cosmos, the human. It is what links them and enables each of them to be part of the other’s whole; the human within the macro-cosmos and the universe within the micro-cosmos. It is the essence of the matter, energy and the information. It’s what creates the whole and what keeps it there.

  4. Valid to humans? yes. Valid as an objective concept meaning real, really exists, etc., no – whatever is, is, in the universe regardless of what we rocket scientists may or may not have learned about it –

  5. Your premise has a name: the Primacy of Consciousness. It is the obverse of the Primacy of Existence, and it is incorrect.
    The Primacy of Existence states that existence exists; that consciousness cannot exist without something to be conscious of; and so therefore it is the existence of the objects of consciousness that give cause for consciousness.
    Neither premise, neither Primacy, “validates” consciousness, except as a consequence of creating it. The existence of existence as a primary thereby creates consciousness, whereby it also indirectly validates it.

  6. Buenas Dias Hector…
    Sure stands consciousness and awareness above all I assume, because what would be without it ? N A D A !!!
    Send you my conscious greetings along with my aware love..-smile-***


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