Home Discussion Forum Consciousness is the ground of all being. What would you do first?

Consciousness is the ground of all being. What would you do first?

Instead of matter being the ground of all being, it is consciousness. And rather than each individual possessing a consciousness, there is one unitary consciousness. Your classical mode of brain is not conditioned falsly in that you do not recognize the world as matter and can choose from a vast potentia of possible realities.
Your quantum mode of brain is going to collapse a possiblity and thus create a reality of whatever you choose.
What do you see there? Or what is happening?


  1. Check out “dependent origination” in Buddhism. It is a map of how universal forces create conciousness out of nothing. Buddhism is one of those things where great effort is spent trying to figure out why we are what we are? Concious is a mystery and the Buddha was able to complete the puzzle through his awakening to the “real world”

  2. I think you could have convoluted the question even more with a little more effort. The universal consciousness is the basis for all existence, as all that exists is energy and cannot be created or destroyed. What was, now is and always will be.

  3. first you must realize who you are in relation with consciousness..and if you figure out that you are that Consciousness itself, then you move within yourself in different position ,operational room, where body, mind, brain and many more becoming your creational tool with which you uselessly identified yourself lately..Now, Consciousness is timeless…and all the possibilities exist there simultaneously. As you embody your SELF, you might become , lets say , man of any possible possibility. With certain wisdom brain will not suffer that, and choices as we know it will cease to exist..Consciousness will seed harmony all over. Not favorable for those who identify themselves as a body, mind, thoughts, being something other than consciousness…politicians, for instance..Those will suffer literally changes which harmony dictates. Many prophesies speak of it…The end of a world.. I, personally, do not mind…a lot of fun…


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