Consciousness is all knowing and all pervasive,Constant integrated awareness.How do you take this or accept it

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In philosophy, we find Consciousness pervades the cosmos and beyond. It is constant integrated awareness and we term it by different names as god, almighty, self, atma, I am that I am and various names coined in different religions. What is your understanding or opinion about this theory?

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Deism. groupmind. same things.


agreed. I also think it is physical in nature – a subatomic network or something.

Pagan Earthgirl

You grok in fullness. Thou art God!

John's Secret Identity

It is our senses that let us perceive that which is beyond our minds and our selves, not the other way around.
When you realize that, you will find your true place in the universe.


When are people going to realize that "God" is just pure positive energy?

When are people going to realize that "God" is just pure positive energy?And not a man nor a woman.

How can God be conscious when consciousness is a part of the world and contains it at the same time?

What I mean is, how can the nature of consciousness be reconciled with the supposed nature of God (that He is outside the material...

What does it mean when you're doing meditation and hearing a large explosion inside of your head?

What does it mean when you meditate and you hear a loud explosion right inside the center of your head? My friend had this...

do you believe in reincarnation and do you think she could be right this time.?

So I received a news letter from this sara Feder or something like this she ''sees'' the futur I'm not saying I don't believe...

What do you think of this spiritual advice?

One must always repeat to oneself "I am neither wise nor unwise I try however my best to attain wisdom"...In affirming this to oneself...
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