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Consciousness existing in higher dimensions?

Ok, the idea of an afterlife appears to be widely rejected in this corner of answers, I would like to bring a new point to the table. Ok, in Einsteins string theory, he suggests that there are higher dimensions than our 3D space plus time, totaling in 4 dimensions we can comprehend. Now, humans physically exist in 3D, but our minds can comprehend a 4th dimension when we cannot feel, but we are aware of. If we can be aware of a dimension we cannot see that suggests that our minds (not brains) can operate in higher dimensions. Thus, after death it would be possible that our conscious minds could still exist in higher dimensions, but our physical body’s would not. So, my question. What are your thoughts on this?
Einstein set the foundation for the string theory, http://www.hyperhistory.com/online_n2/History_n2/index_n2/einstein_theory.html
Also, though the human brain only exists in our braneworld, consciousness cannot be proven exclusive to our 3D world, considering we cannot comprehend higher dimensions or know what the hold.
And yes, I know that the fourth dimension is time.
Additionally, you cannot come to a set conclusion as to exactly how the brain and mind operate and which governs the other because if you knew, then you would know more than what modern neuroscience is capable of explaining.
I might add that the mind is not necessarally part of the brain, it is quite possible that the brain is influenced by the mind, which is not a physical material. http://www.cerebromente.org.br/n04/editori4_i.htm
To the question, why didn’t your afterlife occur before birth. Simple, it quite possibly could have be occuring, but at that point it would be a “before life”. Can you remember back when you were in the womb?


  1. The shamans have been visiting this higher dimension which I think of as the Quantum dimension for thousands of years. Half of the bible is repetitions of a shamanic myth on how to induce an out of body death and rebirth experience via certain plants (Jesus) and experience this higher dimension firsthand, not just hear some churches poor interpretation of it lol. Look into the Eleusian Rites and the ancient Mystery Schools of Greece and Egypt, the ecstasy cults like the Bacchus and Dionysus worshippers, and the Mayan indian beliefs. hehe

  2. “Einsteins string theory” – Wrong, he did not come up with string theory, nor was he involved in anything to do with strings
    The 4th dimension is time
    All data concludes the brain is material and therefore exists only in this realm
    He set the foundation because his Theory of General Relativity is being fused with Quantum Mechanics in string theory. Einstien didn’t even like quantum mechanics due to its probabilistic nature.
    String theory wasn’t developed until the 60s and 70s. Einstein passed away in the 50s.
    Again, all research in neuroscience concludes our brain is material. Every thing we know [love, hate, etc.] is just chemical reactions in our evolved brains

  3. I still didn’t understand how you came to the conclusion.
    first of all , what is consciousness ? they are not some kind of waves,they are biochemicals activated by bio electricity.
    why didn’t your afterlife occurred before you were born?

  4. Oh yeah, totally agree — there is a spiritual reality (dimension). And, I don’t get how people don’t know there is an afterlife…. we exist eternally. Our “human” experience/timeline is only a very small part if it! Cheers!

  5. I keep an open mind to all things. Science and logic are poor tools to use to explain or disprove the afterlife. Science doesn’t even know what the force of gravity is made of, wave or particles. And I’m told that there are several fundamental forces that science can not fully explain.
    So the afterlife and the 4th dimension can both exist. May be one day science will catch up to these realities.

  6. Yes, the bible speaks all about the spiritual realm. In fact if you give your life to follow Jesus Christ as your personal Savior then the bible says that we are seated in heavenly places, that we can actually go before the throne of God with our prayers.
    So yes there is a higher realm or plane that we can operate in.

  7. You’re approaching this from a very mental perspective, but it still is leading you to an enlightened understanding. Yes, the mind exists beyond the brain which is just a physical instrument for the mind to operate in the physical world. We are spiritual beings having a temporary physical experience in a mortal physical body. When your physical body dies your consciousness/mind will continue in tact. None of your thoughts or feelings will be lost. Great, isn’t it? There is ample evidence that this is true. Seek and you will find.

  8. I agree that there are other dimensions than the three spatial dimensions and time,.Not only the dimensions related with after death but to those reated with while sleeping where ones sperit can visit others and travel to different places one never seen or visited before, to which we referre as dreams. Even during imagining things or thinking about things. I like the other dimensions and fond of the idea ­čÖé

  9. Materialism doesn’t answer everything, but I would agree that most scientists will argue that till the end. All matter organizes upward effect is all because the cause of matter, and most scientist hold this cause above all others believing there is no downward effect without matter.
    But to expand on what a previous poster said a throw in a little basic geometry I hope to enlighten you to another possibility.
    Image a square on a piece of paper u exist in just the two dimensions we will number the sides 1-4 now line one intersects lines 2 & 3 but not
    four if your perspective and dimension is from line one it would be impossible to perceive line 4 unless your perspective is in a higher dimension.
    This same principle applies to 3 dimensions or even 4 you must be in a higher dimension to perceive the lower ones its the only way your plane can intersect with all the others so conscious must at least exist in the 4th dimension(time) because that’s the only think that can connect all 6 planes in 3 dimensional space, I’d make the argument it exists above time as well because we can perceive that as well
    What do you think


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