Consciousness before Thought or Thought before Consciousness?

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Note: this question concerns relativism and that reality is only a perception. Although people with different ideas are welcome, none will be awarded the 10 points due to a lack of answering the question.
Question: What are your views on the basis of reality through thought and consciousness? Do thoughts only exist because we perceive them within our consciousness, and consciousness is the basis of all reality, or do the thoughts collected create consciousness? Can consciousness be formed out of things other than thoughts?
Please submit your opinion.

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Thought requires words. Therefore, consciousness first.


Thought and consciousness are separate and distinct from each other.
Neither is dependent upon the other for its characteristics.

Ardi Pithecus

Consciousness as the basis for reality has a name: the Primacy of Consciousness.
Consciousness is formed from sensory experience, not from thoughts. Thoughts are conscious representations of what we have become conscious of. “A consciousness with nothing to be conscious of is a contradiction in terms.” [Rand] A newborn must have blank abstractions floating around in his mind, from sensory overload; but he eventually begins to determine what things are, by a process of epistemology hard-wired into the brain, just like breathing and seeing is hard wired into the central nervous system.
This means consciousness is not the basis for reality since sensory experiences upon the tabula rasa is the basis for consciousness. Thoughts come second. They are the conceptual equal of those blank abstractions which a newborn eventually identifies. A concept is therefore the opposite of a “blank” abstractions, which are undifferentiated.


Consciousness is thought. When we had our first thought we did so because with it we became conscious. The two are not separate. Cogito, ergo sum. I am not an idealist but a materialistic naturalist. So, my view of reality is that what you sense is reality and that is all there is. There is no forms, godhead, or over mind. Reality has only two aspects, qualitative and quantitative.


Consciousness is an ability to recognise the world and the mind itself, an awareness through the senses of the reality within and with out.
I believe thoughts must come after consciousness, based on experiences of interactions by the mind with the outside world. Those experiences need expression from language, so ideas and thoughts are to some extent a social activity through language. It is virtually impossible to think other than in language, usually one’s native tongue, and there can be no such thing as a private language known only to you, since the rules of language have to be in the social domain. See, Ludwig Wittgenstein’s… ‘Philosophical Investigations’ as discussed by John Searle and Bryan Magee in the BBC book ‘The Great Philosophers’.


Buddhists and Hindu meditation masters figured this out over 2000yrs ago thru direct experience.
my opinion. is that i agree with them.


I recently wrote a blog post on this topic, I don’t want to copy and paste it here as it will disturb my Google ranking to have identical content to this page to mine, so I’ll give you the link.


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