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Consciousness and Free Will: Why are they important to us?

I have a paper due in about a week, and I am asked to delve into the subject of religion. In the direction I’m going with my paper, I am left to delve into these two subjects.

On a drive home from school, I ask a few questions… (please answer in you own opinions)

1. Are we actually conscious, or are we under the illusion of such?

2. If you think we are conscious, why do you think so?

3. If you think we have free will, why do you think so. If not, why do you feel humans have the desire to believe they do have free will?

4. If God exists but is imperfect, what would that mean for us?

5. If God does not exist, does that eliminate everything else in the metaphysical perspective?

I do not expect you guys to do my paper for me or anything. I’m just looking to get some ideas, and possibly stir up some of my own. All intelligent responses are appreciated.
keynereind: could you please elaborate?
egn18s: If you don’t believe in God, is it a safe assumption that you don’t believe in the soul? If so, what would you attribute your consciousness to? Do you believe that your consciousness simply dissolves at death?

*I don’t mean to sound too critical of your beliefs; I respect your beliefs. I’m just trying to get as deep with this subject as possible.

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1.) Yes, we are actually conscious. 2.) I think so because of the fact that I’m think about it. If you’re asking yourself whether or not you’re conscious, then you’re conscious. 3.) In a way, I think humans have free will because we are not forced to do anything. Although, I do find arguments for determinism to be convincing. If everything, including our brains, is physical material and all physical material responds in reaction to causation, then everything we do is caused by things that happened in the past. But even if that’s true, we don’t feel or notice those… Read more »


1. We are conscious. I do not think this could be an illusion for the same reason that Descartes was certain of his existence. Our consciousness is something which we experience directly. If we are able to analyze it, then we are conscious. In order for us to not really be conscious, we could not be aware, but because it is possible for us to question consciousness, we know that we are aware. 2. See above. I think we can be certain that we are conscious. It is one of the few things we know with absolute certainty. 3. No,… Read more »


1.Concious is mostly unconscious.
2.Thinking is conscous.
3 We have free will, for we are unique.