Confuvianism as the yang and Taoism as the yin?

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Example Yin – Passive Yang – Active Confucious was engaged with society where as Lau Tzu was removed. ANybody have any other examples of this? Thanks for your help..

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Near of DN

Lau Tzu is a philosopher who consider man above women. Thus, most Asian country that follow his teaching mistreat women.

dumbest genius

Although neither of the tow had anything to do with each other, but if u were to simply compare the 2, its does seems like Confucius was more active and therefore Yang and Lao Tze, who was a hermetic philosopher, was more Yin.
Other examples can be,
Confucian (Yang) – Strong stance in changing the conditions
Emphasized on teachings
Growing in influence among the
ruling caste
Chosen many times as National Religion
Taoism (Yin) – Soft stance – yielding to circumstances
Emphasized on self enlightenment
Popular in the later dynasties among the
working class
Was vilified or renounced by several dynasties
as cultish
As for the previous answerer who so quickly denounced Taoism, Lao Tze was just basing his philosophy with ideas prevalent during that time. Many older religions too put down the feminine role.
When compared to Abrahamic faith, it would seem that the Eastern religions had committed less atrocities against the females, using religion as a excuse


‘dumbguy’s answer is really good.
I might just add a few thoughts.
Consider their lives. Kongze became a teacher until his death, while Laoze rode his blue ox into the West and disappeared,
Kongze’s “Analects” are discreet individual conversations with a summary at the end, while the DaodeJing is all aphorisms.
To widen the analogy, Kongze was a Conservative Republican, and wanted order based upon the past Sages,
Laoze was a anarchistic tree hugger, looking to immediate, present intuition.


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