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Confused about Aleister Crowley's Magick?

“Magick is not capable of producing “miracles” or violating the physical laws of the universe”
This is suppose to be what Aleister Crowley believes about magick. What it seems to me is that magick is manipulating yourself to believe something or feel a certain way so that you cause something in nature to happen that is physically possible. However, what about the invocation and evocation of demons? These are supposedly spirits and have nothing to do with the natural world.
Did Crowley actually believe in demons and spirits or is there some other meaning behind this? I am trying hard to understand Magick and such.


  1. I’m no expert on Crowley, but although he claims that magick cannot defy the physical laws of the universe, I would venture to guess that his understanding of the physical laws of the universe incorporates magickal power.

  2. There’s nothing that is NOT of the natural universe.
    What I think Crowley was saying was that Magick moves subtly. That has been my experience, at least. If you read up on quantum physics and noetic sciences, I think you’ll see what I mean. Magick is subtle and the changes are sometimes just fractional.

  3. well that is not exactly what Crowley believed about Magick. His thoughts and beliefs concerning Magick where much more complex to put them down here in a few lines. It also is not manipulating yourself (unless you see the effects of meditation, yoga, prayers — to whatever deity, etc as manipulating yourself) but it is aiming on getting someone more aware of himself and his position in the universe usinf ancient western and eastern traditions like meditation, contemplation, yoga but also using psychology. Magick foremost is a working on the inner self and not aiming on causing changes in nature. Magick also does not have the main aim to conjure demons and spirits. The rituals indeed contain conjurations of deities, spirits and so on but usually as part of a ritual aiming on something else but mocking some demon around. Crowley did also evoke and invoke demons but that was not his main practice. He also saw that these were or could be part of yourself (as I said, modern psychology). So, in a few short words, yes Crowley most likely believed in demons and spirits. He did not necessarily believe that they were external “beings”. Crowley questioned everything all the time, including his own teachings or the nature of spirits, demons, elementals and so on.
    If you want to know more about Crowley’s beliefs, research “Thelema”


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