Home Discussion Forum Confucius wonders, how did the sunbird learn to build it's nest?

Confucius wonders, how did the sunbird learn to build it's nest?

The sunbirds nest hangs by a thread from a branch.
It lays its eggs in the hanging nest. But how did the species survive, as surely it would have died out. It could never of learned how to instantly build the nest.
And when it was learning how to build the nest, its eggs would have fallen and thus the species would have died out.
Confucius is curious and confused.
Ah Welltravprog – Ignorance is a willful neglect or refusal to acquire knowledge.
Thus I have been seeking truth. My question was based on a long held wonder of the occurrence.
I wonder if you yourself have opened you mind to possibility, or do you blindly follow the hypothesis (A tentative explanation for an observation, phenomenon, or scientific problem that can be tested by further investigation), of a scientist that would not be seen as credible unless he worked within certain premises.
And yes, I know how to research, as teach university students how to conduct research projects for a living.


  1. Your argument from incredulity holds no merit.
    You can’t understand how this could have occurred naturally, so therefore it *must* have had a supernatural origin? Have you considered some of the other possibilities, such as:
    You simply haven’t done the research to learn how it evolved naturally?
    You lack the imagination to think about a testable hypothesis that could explain it naturally, possibly because you’ve been taught not to ask too many questions but just to assume that “god did it?”
    It doesn’t take much effort. If you google “sunbird nest building evolution behavior,” you’ll find quite a few papers explaining how the behavior arose naturally through evolution, done by people who study these birds for years and years following proper scientific methods.
    The natural evolution of the behavior is actually very well understood and documented…
    Just because you don’t personally know how something happens doesn’t mean “god did it.” Try some education.


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