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Confucianism vs Taoism?

Alright so here is the question. What is the basis of a unified, stable, enduring society? Confucianism and Taoism give very different answers. Explain each approach and how they are two sides of a single coin.
Well obviously if you are a teacher you know that one of the best ways for learning something is by disscussing it with others. I have already answered the question to the best of my knowledge and so now i am hearing what other people have to say. And its not homework im preparing for a test . THANK YOU


  1. Confucianists believe that there’s hope for humans if they would just be nice to each other again. They think our nature is basically good. If we do bad things, it’s only because something outside of us made us do them. Knowledge can keep us on the path of doing good, and we learn things by studying the ancients. They believe that we live in a society influenced by a never-ending process of change. This is called the yin and yang. Yin and yang stand for the energy forces of good and bad that control our world. As long as we follow the forces of positive change, we’re all right. Change is easy; you’ve just got to look for it. Once you find it, it will take care of itself. Basic ethics: Be polite; love your family; be righteous; be honest; be kind toward others; be loyal to the state. Their worldview is atheistic. Confucianism is all about life here on earth. Confucius believed in heaven, but it is not an important part of religion. Heaven is real but the focus of the religion is earthly.
    Wu Wei literally means ‘without action.’ It’s one of the main concepts from Taoism. It means that you make something look easy so that it seems like you’re not having to work hard at doing something. By following Wu Wei, you are closely following ‘the way.’ Harmony can only be achieve by looking as the world turned upside down.
    Governing: Government should follow ‘the way’ in governing the people as well. Specific chapters in the “Tao te King” describe the ideal way of governing people. They can be summarized in these key points: Do not emphasize status, intelligence, or possessions; govern with the least amount of visibility and with a serving attitude; reduce laws govern lightly; take few actions that involve the people; treat other counties non-aggressively.
    Three characteristics that Taoist cherish: Compassion which leads to courage; moderation which leads to generosity; humility which leads to leadership. Afterlife: They focus on achieving immortality; but if they do die, they return to the Tao. Their worldview is atheistic. So they don’t even believe in God. Confucianists don’t believe in God either.

  2. why do ppl say do your own homework? god that frustrates me. I honestly cant help u answer the question, because i am doing the same thing haha so i am going to feed off the anwers you get haha if thats ok!


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