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Confrontation of an annoying nerd??? help!?!?

This may sound odd… but I have this nerd that thinks his bigger than me… and I am kinda afraid, his okay when his normal – like i could take him on – but when he comes face-to-face like “get out of here!” – it kinda freaks me out, cause he looks straight into my eyes and then I turn away – lets just say it’s “Karma” – I used to do the same to him… – now that I’ve lost my friends, [i only have 3 ones, i think]… 80% of me is saying “get outta here, or he’ll beat you and you’ll look like a bigger terd then before” – and 20% is saying “say something?!” – THe words can’t come out, maybe because he kinda beat me up some months ago – he bugs me about it – but what really bugs me is that other ppl come up to me saying “oi, “nerds name” is calling you a loner/dumbass” I go up to him then he says ” what’ya gonna do about it”, and gives me da look – I walk away and they see I am weak – but – ppl say that I can whoop his ass…. but the truth is I can’t… I suck… and my popularity is goin down the drain, i CAN speak way clearer at home then I can at school [ I don’t know, something weird is holding me back] – but I do seem to when friends are around – I don’t want to be liek this for the rest of my life , but today kinda was better because I stood up to him a bit – and a weird tingle came, and I could actually sense fear – I don’t want him to feel like what I do right now… anymore – once I can stand up to him – maybe we’ll be friends – kinda like he comes onto me I come onto him then I beat him down – the I pick him back up again.
This is not just about a nerd it’s about my reputation – Even though I know I can do it at home – I go to school ” how am I going to do this?!” comes to me….. and it’s hard to confront like before –
… tell me how I can stand up….. instead of just saying – “Go up to him, his no boss,” when someone says that… all I can hear is blah blah blah boss blah blah…..


  1. Well the first thing to do is to give you some courage. Not some overly courage to beat someone up. Violence is never going to be the answer. But have you ever tried laughin on his face and just leaving before he even asks you to get out. Try smiling back when he screams at you. It does not show you are weak. It shows you don’t care or give a damn. Be yourself. You need not beat anyone or impress anyone. You do what you feel is right. If you really need some courage, the first place to start it is from try talking to your mirror. Anticipate what he will talk and be ready with your response. If you really think you can beat him up, just scream back “go to hell” and leave. No need to stand and pick on a fight. Speak your mind out and leave. But the best thing to do is smile and go away as it harms none but the objective is achieved. Take care

  2. What are you afraid of when he gets in your face? that he will ruin your reputation and beat you?
    When he looks into your eyes. look back. don’t turn your head, just keep thinking to yourself that all you need to do is keep looking into his eyes and he’ll realise he cant bully you.
    I would say just try to avoid him (but not in an obvious way) if someone comes up to you and tells you that his calling you names, tell them that you don’t care and his too much of a pussy to say it to your face, don’t go after him looking for a fight, that’s what he wants.


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