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concerning rose quartz crystal changing color.?

My boyfriend bought me a rose quartz crystal to wear around my neck.
Rose quartz is supposed to promote loving emotions and help unblock any loving feelings so that they may flow more freely. So I thought it was a pretty thoughful gift and had him cleanse and then charge it for me.
However, I’ve noticed the crystal, which is normally a bright pink hue, changes color occasionally to a clear white, much like a regular quartz crystal. In my work with crystals, I’ve never seen that happen before, and I don’t know if it has to do with me, the one wearing it, or him, the one who charged it.
Any ideas?


  1. Very very serious schizophrenia? Moderate schizophrenia would only result in aural hallucinations, visual hallucinations are exceptionally rare without provocation by a drug.

  2. interesting, that it actually changes to a clear white, had never heard of this before.
    i personally noticed that sometimes my rose quartz becomes shinier than usual and i usually attribute it to my better luck in love life.
    i thk if it really changes colour, it should be becos of you since u are the one who is wearing it.
    anw i had heard before that u can place ur rose quartz crystal in saltwater every once in a while to cleanse it

  3. It’s neither you nor him who has changed it. Rose quartz is usually a soft, subtle pink. If it’s bright pink, then it was artificially coloured and that kind of colour fades over time. You can keep your crystal on a pink surface, wrap it in pink cloth or shine a pink light on it to maintain the emotional elements in it but you can also visualize loving emotions and feelings and the power of thought is just as effective. Hope this helps.

  4. So what are the normal light conditions when it is one or the other?
    Sometimes my eyes look gray in the right light, but it’s just the lighting…


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