compare and contrast the views of confucianism and taoism?

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regarding the TAO. do you think that taoism and confucianism complement each other? why or why not?
i like the clusium19 answer. wow i didnt know that lao tzu was a disciple of confucius. anyway can you discuss how the chi and li in confucianism and the tao in taoism are comparable…
confucius was a disciple of lao tsu ahaha

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Taoism: If you know the tao it isn’t tao.
Confucianism: Confucius say ‘respect tao’.


Well, I don’t really know much about Confucianism, but I do know that Taoism can really compliment many religions. You could even be a Christian Taoist. I wouldn’t consider it to be a religion on its own. It’s more like a philosophy. I have heard that Confucianism is much like that.

Underground Man

Yes they compliment like Yin and Yang. Confucianism is about the social order, laws, duties, obligations, stability, controlling, ruling, ordering. Taoism is about the spirit, not doing, nature, going with the flow, spontaneity, individuality. Taken together, they represent different polarities, which is why in the East, one can be and often is a devotee of both philosophies.


Complement as in the other tells you the exact opposite of what the other does? That would be it.
Confucianism, as I understand it, is all about rules. Confucius says this, confucius says that. It calls for a more intellectual understanding.
Taoism, or as some people prefer, Daoism, is about a mysterious force, and is more about “feeling” than “knowing”. Something like that in Star Wars, minus the medichloreans.
One of my favorite Daoist principles is that by doing nothing everything is done.

Lao Pu

The two could compliment each other. Confucianism on its most basic level is a set of racial norms, while Taoism is a philosophy. The only problem seems to be that Confucianism is a might constricting for free-wheeling Taoists.


Both Confucianism & Taoism sought to reform or reconstruct the already-prevailing, traditional Chinese religion, of their time, when they were first introduced.
Basically, the difference between Confucianism & Taoism, is that Confucianism is concerned primarily with man’s relationship with his fellow man, & Taoism is primarily concerned with man’s relationship with nature.
Yes, both Confucianism & Taoism complement one another, Confucias was a disciple of Lao Tsu(the founder of Taoism)as a matter of fact.
Both Confucianism & Taoism practice ancestor worship, & both venerate the I Ching.
The Ultimate Reality in Confucianism is Ti’en, or ‘Heaven.’
The Ultimate Reality in Taoism is the Eternal ‘Tao,’ or Way.
Both Taoism & Confucianism may be practiced & observed with other religions, hence the reason Buddhism was able to be easily absorbed into China & Asia in general.


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